Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! What a wonderful day to show our gratitude for the men and women who have served and serve for our freedoms. I am so grateful for our country!!!

This weekend has been so great having Jared home. Poor guy is probably exhausted after all of his hard work--putting together a dresser, running errands, putting in a sprinkler system for our garden, planting the garden, mowing the lawn and taking over a LOT with the kids. The weather was beautiful and we got a lot of backyard time in.

The kids helping Jared prep the garden while I pointed to the place to put the seeds and plants and then sat down in the sun to read a book.

The club that I work at (although not right now) has a really fun Memorial Day pool party. We took the kids over to join in on the fun and get some swimming in. They do a coin toss where they have the kids jump in and dive for coins. Next year Grey will be old enough to go in the big pool instead of the kiddie pool.

Grey is finally over his water fears!


Holding her one penny she found and was thrilled about

 Amaiya helping Grey look for more coins

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