This was my second attempt at pictures of all three kids. The first time, I held Cole screaming in my arms while I took pics of Grey & Elise. I finally tried again last week--it went okay. I still have a headache from the stress of it. But looking at them and seeing their cute personalities makes it all worth it. I love these kids!

This one doesn't like to look at the camera

This one does great with the promise of a juice box

Cole likes to eat, wrestle and attack

Forehead loves---its a family thing

And now all three together...

Third time is a charm!


9 Months!

Cole is NINE months! He is such a fun personality and he just gets more fun every day. Unfortunately his zest for life makes it very difficult for him to sleep. We are still figuring out naps and night sleeping. And he wakes up screaming every single time. I am exhausted. You would think by my third child I would be used to the lack of sleep! Even so, we absolutely adore him and love having him a part of our family.

9 month update:
Still no teeth
Getting into everything-quickly
Likes to eat used tissues and paper from the trash (ugh.)
Learning to walk along the furniture
Sneaks into the playroom often--blocks and babies are his favorite
He EATS. Anything. Anytime.
Loves to yell and sing
Gives kisses that are more like eating/attacking your mouth, nose, neck, ears, etc.
Kicks like a frog when excited
Adores Grey and Elise!!
Likes to eat and wrestle them
Has the biggest grin and best giggle you will ever hear


Feels like summer

This week has been so warm and we have been trying to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. I kind of love how warm days open up a whole new world for the kids. They are so much happier and spend so much time outside.

Playing in the creek at Belleview Park


And of course eating our fair share of ice cream and popsicles!


As you can tell, Cole is pretty happy about visiting his first indoor play place--and being able to play.


Motorcycles & Gardens

Daddy took Grey on his first motorcycle ride this weekend. He was pretty nervous but loved it. They just rode around the park and back this time.

And another reason I like having boys--they do all the heavy yard work. Prepping the garden for me!



Is there any way to stay in this phase--at least for the summer? I go to the park, Grey plays on his own and knows his boundaries, Elise pushes Cole in the swing, I lay on the blanket eating snacks and resting my exhausted body. Everybody is happy.


T Ball

I am so happy that Grey is old enough to play a sport other than soccer. That was boring for him to play and boring for us to watch. He LOVES t ball and in my biased opinion is pretty talented. And I must say it is quite enjoyable to lay out my blanket in the sunshine, pull out some snacks and watch him. The coach is awesome and really on top of things.

Fielding grounders with his "alligator hand" :)
1st Base
Up to Bat

Easter Weekend

I kept meaning to take some nice Easter pictures of the kids to add to this post, but it has obviously not happened yet. Easter weekend was CRAZY and fun-filled. Saturday I had to work at the gym in the morning then straight to Grey's first t-ball game, an Easter Egg hunt at Wash Park and lastly our little family dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. Sunday we woke up extremely early to do our hunt before Jared's meetings, then I sang in a quartet in church and finally we had a dinner at Dean & Joanne's. It was a really wonderful weekend and as always, even more special to reflect on the gift of Eternal Life that Jesus Christ gave to us.

The Wash Park Easter Egg Hunt
We ran into some friends on the way up--so it was extra fun to do it together

Sunday morning at our house
Yes, Grey is in his underwear--I didn't even notice until afterwards

Sunday evening at Grandma & Grandpa's

Dyeing Easter Eggs

General Conference Weekend

One of our favorite family times is General Conference weekend. It is one of the few weekends that we can block out the world and just enjoy being together. Grey kept saying how much he loved it and how his heart feels happy when he hears the prophet speak. I hope he remembers that feeling.

I try to make it fun for the kids and their favorite is a Bingo game they can play with goldfish and jelly beans.  It actually kept them listening most of the sessions. And we always do our cinnamon roll brunch.

The weather was perfect and we took advantage by going on walks and bike rides between sessions. I am thrilled to have a family activity to do that we ALL can enjoy--finally. Plus pulling the kids in the bike trailer will hopefully be good training for my duathlon in May! We ended the weekend by trying to fly a kite with Grandma Laura & Grandpa Dave. It did not go well. The kite did nose-dive after nose-dive.

Cole was a little tough to keep track of now that he is really moving.

Bike Riding

At the park for a picnic lunch

Trying to fly the kite