Thank you P & Jason for the awesome shirt. I can fit into it already and can't wait to show everyone how cute I am in it. I think I get it from my daddy. The girls are drawn to me, what can I say!

An Evening Downtown

Greyden took his first trip downtown last night. Our friends from Phoenix came into town, so we went down to Rodizio's and ate dinner then took a walk around 16th Street. Greyden slept most of the time in his stroller.


4 Month Appointment

We went to Greyden's 4-month appointment today. He is healthy & happy. The doctor said he thinks Greyden is a VERY hungry boy and wants us to start cereal mixed with formula... No wonder he still eats every two hours. He said that he eats and sleeps like a 2-week old and doesn't want me to burn out. HAHA! I might already be there. :) Here is a recap of his growing chart from the first two appointments and today:
2-week (perfectly proportioned)
weight: 8 lb. 1 oz. (25%)
height: 20 1/4 in. (25%)
head: 14 1/8 in. (25%)

2-month (super chunky)
weight: 13 lb. 5 oz. (85%)
height: 23 in. (50%)
head: 15 5/8 in. (45%)

4-month (big man with a little head)
weight: 14 lb. 13 oz. (60%)
height: 25 in. (55%)
head: 16 1/4 in. (25%)

No picture today since he isn't feeling great. He had his second set of shots today.


Hmmmmm. No comment.

I found these pictures on my camera when I got home among a few others. Thanks P & Jason for making me smile.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Grandma's birthday was the day we left St. George (Feb 12th), so we celebrated the night before with a tiny cake, flowers & singing of course. Happy Birthday Grandma!

The Gogarty girls & GreydenWe love you Grandma & Grandpa!

The new Great Grandparents

Congrats HBAR & Jason

Heather (aka Aunt P) and Jason bought a motorcycle & I got to sit on it while we were in St. George. I'm a little jealous.... I wish I could've actually driven it, but I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to get it out of the driveway.Jason riding his motorcycle as seen from Heather's car. Doesn't he look good? Heather & I testing out the bike.If only I had actually been driving it...

First Plane Ride

Greyden took his first plane ride this last weekend. My mom & I flew to St. George to see Aunt P & Greyden's great grandparents. He is their FIRST great grandbaby & hadn't been able to meet him yet. We had a disastrous day getting there. We left my house at 8AM and learned when we got to the airport that our flight had been canceled. We didn't get on a flight to Salt Lake until almost 5pm. We took our next flight to St. George and got there at about 9PM. It was a LONG day & Greyden did great!!!
Hmmmm. He looks a little scared.
Grandma K holding him as we leave St. George on a TINY prop plane.


It's Been A Rough Day

I put Greyden in his swing today so I could get a little work done. I found him fast asleep covering his eye. It looks like it has been a rough day for him. He work hard... eating, sleeping, and playing takes up a lot of energy!