Happy Halloween

from a ballerina, a fire chief and little red riding hood

Be safe and stay warm today!


Snow Day!

What did we do on our snow day(s) you ask?

We (meaning Jared) shoveled with a little helper

Grey built a mini snowman (again meaning Jared did all the work)

We built a bigger snowman with a carrot for the nose and chocolate chips for eyes and mouth. We even added a scarf to make it really authentic.

Jared built a "mountain" in the back yard for Grey to go sledding down.

Then it was back inside for some warming up with hot chocolate.

Oh how I LOVE snow days.

And it is still snowing...

I am happy.



Wow I am on fire! This snow day has been very productive for me. I took some three-year pics of Grey as well. I cannot believe how much he looks like a little kid. He is getting SO big. I cannot get enough of him...

Poor guy got super sick from his shots. He was throwing up and got a fever. Ugh. Luckily he is better today so we can enjoy the snow. I was excited at his appointment though--he is in the 90th% for weight (gaining over 8 lbs this year!) and 80th% for height (growing almost 3 inches). No wonder his pants are all high-waters. We have a BIG boy on our hands.

Halloween Preview

I got some random burst of energy and decided to make (most of) Elise's costume. Really I just wanted her to wear a tutu! I have my own little dress-up doll.

Featuring my baby ballerina:

Pictures: Round One

I have been wanting to take some nice pictures of Elise in her blessing dress. A cold, snowy day was perfect for some studio & photoshop time. There are more photos coming your way...

Thank you mom for such a special, beautiful dress. And thanks to Pam for the gorgeous bracelet. She made it (along with a few others) and gave them to me at my shower.
I think she looks like a mini-angel--but I am biased!


Lunch Time

I get bored easily with the same-old lunches. I came up with this salad that I want to eat all the time AND it is very healthy.

Chick Pea Salad

2 cans of quality chick peas, drained
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1 cucumber, chopped

At this point, I put some in a bowl for eating and the rest in a tupperware for leftovers in the fridge.

When you are ready to serve add a chopped tomato and a handful of feta. Then I drizzle with a good olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt & pepper.

You can really adjust this to your tastes in all sorts of ways. Play around with the veggies or try a different kind of dressing. I have been wanting to try a lemon vinaigrette and parmesan cheese. Have fun & enjoy!


Elise's Blessing

We blessed Elise today at my in-laws home. It was such a beautiful and special blessing. I am grateful that she has so many people that love her already. What a lucky girl!

The BIG Three

My sweet baby boy turned 3 this weekend. What a joy he is to our family!

In honor of the big three--my three favorite things about Grey:

1. He adores his baby sister and loves to sing to her and kiss her. He tells me constantly how cute and sweet she is.

2. His gentle, sweet spirit which in turn gives me tons of cuddles and loves. I can't get enough!

3. His love and excitement for absolutely everything. He is a happy, happy boy! Every week his toddler tattler from preschool says that he was happy at school.

To celebrate, we let him take one friend (Ryan-his cousin) to Chuck E Cheese. They had a blast.

Elise somehow slept through the insane noise the whole time.

Then back home to open presents...

light the candles
and finish with devil's food cake all over his face
Happy Birthday to my G-love


3 months and a relay

This past Sunday was a great day! Elise turned three months and I ran in the Denver Marathon for the third year in a row. Although this year I was only up for the relay. I ran with some of my favorite ladies (we missed you Pam!) and did the 7-mile leg. Being sick with the flu the week before did not help my time. I was extra tired. But it was still really fun and a perfect fall day. Jared cheered me on twice in the last mile. I was so excited to see him and it gave me a little boost for the finish.

Anyone in for the half next year?

And 10 years later...

I had my 10-year reunion a few weeks ago. It was really sad because there were hardly any people that came... but it was really fun to see the people that did come. It brought back a lot of memories. I was really hoping for a little bit more of the nerds coming back as movie stars kind of thing. Haha!

I tend to reflect on things and look back to see my progress. It felt good to look at the person I was then and the improvements I have made in myself since then. I should hope for some improvement after that many years!

I managed to get one picture.
Stephanie, Brooke & I


Joy is...

a snuggly baby after a warm bath