How Grey kept busy

While we were away, Grey kept very busy...

Going to the zoo


Going for jogs

Walking the dogs

And kicking back after a long, hard day

Thanks to ALL of you who helped us with Grey and the dogs!!!

Rainforests & Waterfalls

Our favorite day of the whole trip:

We spent the morning hiking through the rainforest

and ending up at a gorgeous waterfall with a large pool below

Stripping down to our suits and jumping in

Then back to our quiet beach for some
swimming and bodysurfing
(the waves really were bigger than they look here)


We will definitely have to do a babymoon #3.

Bringing on the big 28

My 28th birthday was spent




and sunning

Unfortunately the underwater camera was a piece of junk. So you can't even tell how much fun we had!

Heading on out...

They took us to an uninhabited beach off the coast of PR. It was SO pretty! Don't mind my big gut--I ate a lot of cookies that week.

Yeah ROD! I tried getting a picture of him feeding the fish, but like I said about our camera.

San Juan

We did not stay in San Juan--it is outrageously expensive and kind of crazy. But we spent our first day sightseeing around Old San Juan and the forts. Right in front of one of the big forts is a massive lawn where everyone on the whole island comes out to fly kites. It was a riot to watch!

Just ONE part of the lawn with the kites

An old cemetery right up against the ocean

In front of an outlook tower in one of the forts

Babymoon #2

The view from our balcony

We are back from Puerto Rico and I have had a really hard time adjusting to real life again. I cannot get out of my bad mood! Thanks to our wonderful family, Jared & I went S-O-L-O for six days and it was heaven. We stayed at a cheap condo right on the beach, ate tons of junk food, read lots of books and even went to a movie on a rainy day.

If it weren't for my frizzy and out-of-control hair, I would beg Jared to move me to that island. 

Prepare for photo overload--and a lot of just me since Jared does not like getting his picture taken... Sorry!