Happy Anni-VEGAS-ry!!!

Anyone else obsessed with Friends? Inside joke...

Anyways, Jared I took off to Vegas for a heavenly, long weekend in Vegas all. by. ourselves! Partly a pre-baby 3 trip and partly a celebration of our anniversary. It was the perfect weekend--exactly what we wanted. A break from life and parenthood! We talked about anything and everything without interruptions, held hands instead of pushing a stroller, read and watched shows without having to stop or pause and really enjoyed just being the two of us. I am still supposed to be "on rest" so we kept walking to the absolute minimum--meaning a ton of time in our room. Which was just fine with me.

The room was unbelievable. I have never been so spoiled. Everything was digital/automatic-including the maid service sign and the blackout curtains. The bathroom was stocked with thick robes (which we wore all weekend), HUGE towels and Aveda products. There were two massive flat-screen TVs and the bed was unbelievably comfortable. I am counting down until we can go back again!

A semi-quick tour of our hotel (for you P!) since that is where we spent almost all our time--I want my master bedroom someday to look just like the room:

Pool Time. Aaaah.
Wander the Miracle Mile (including a stop at H&M)
A nice, long nap
Dinner at my favorite place -- Harley Davidson Cafe
Watching a few Bellagio Fountain shows--my other favorite thing in Vegas
Asleep by 10:30 after checking out our night view

Think we are really sleeping in--look at the clock and laugh out loud--7AM
Read for an hour
Fall back asleep until 10AM or so
I take a bath in the huge soaker tub while Jared tests out the gym
Finally leave the hotel at 2:30 for lunch
Quick nap again
Go to the Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil
(and the only picture of me-haha)

Sleep in -- we are getting better at it
Attempt the pool at 10 but it is too windy, back to the room
Head out for lunch at 2:30
Back to the room
Sit in the bed to read, eat, sleep, snack, watch movies, play games

Wake up to this view from our bed for the last morning
(Bellagio, Paris, Flamingo, etc)
Do absolutely nothing
Cry a little about having to leave the amazing hotel
Go to the theaters to see Thor
Goodbye to Vegas and the most perfect weekend!


Jason and Heather said...

Wooohooo!!! Right when I saw the pic of your hotel I knew exactly which one it was. Duh, not sure why I didn't recognize the name earlier. That is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! So awesome! I'm so happy for your getaway!!

Jason and Heather said...

p.s. I heart FRIENDS.