30th Redux

After my little melt-down on Friday, I was ready to get showered, dressed and go out with my honey! And he sure spoiled me above and beyond what I ever expected! My mom and step-dad came out to watch the kids while Jared surprised me with a juicy steak dinner at Outback. We came back home to take the kids for ice cream sundaes. I walked in the front door and my house was full of awesome decorations (thanks to my step-dad), a massive chocolate-cream cake and so many people I love singing "Happy Birthday."  I was so surprised and so touched that of course I started crying. I can blame pregnancy, right??? I am so impressed that Jared planned a surprise party! It was awesome to have my birthday cake & ice cream with so many friends and family members. It sure made me feel extra special!

(Pictures to come soon--hopefully will get some from family soon.)

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