Happy Birthday P!!!

Happy Birthday to the best sister, aunt and friend!

Some of my favorite things about p:
1. She wanted a carnival birthday party this year complete with cotton candy, midget clowns, and a jumping castle.
2. She might have more pictures of G around her office than I do.
3. She is passionate about travel and will do just about anything to go anywhere.
4. She is my fashion guru and is daring enough to try all the new things.
5. She puts up with my extreme competetiveness even when I throw uno cards at her. (note: it has been years since that has happened)
6. She helps me come up with all kinds of wild ideas like pouring water down our driveway in the winter to sled down it on trash bags. (again: it has been years... sorry Dave)
7. She has always been my favorite travel buddy. We used to hold hands at takeoff. I miss those times!
8. She is even more beautiful on the inside--if that is even possible.
9. She wants to go clubbing just to see what all the fuss is about.
10. I could go on and on, but I will stop here. She is my BEST friend and I am so lucky to have her as my sister. I love you Heathbar crunch crunch peepiters.

Most Beautiful Girl...

We don't have cable, so we miss out on a lot of shows. Jared came across some videos of Flight of the Conchords last week and we cannot get enough of it. I guess it is a couple of guys from New Zealand who go around singing to people. I can't wait for it to come to DVD so I can actually watch the whole episodes. It is one of those things that gets funnier every time you watch it. We were laughing so hard we were crying! I'm posting one of our favorites. It is definitely what every girl wants to hear... Enjoy!


Hershey Boy

Look what I found! I had already eaten the chocolate, but he was sucking the remnants off the wrapper. The boy knows what is good for him! It doesn't seem like too long ago when I posted on his first chocolate experience.



I am so very, very tired. I cannot keep up with this kid!!! A few days ago he got into a drawer in the bathroom after pulling everything out from under the sink as well. I came in and found him playing with my "stuff" like he was throwing around a bunch of leaves. I had to laugh even though it meant yet another mess to clean up after him. This picture is going into his baby album... it is payback!


Wrist Guards

Last week I spent a LOT of time working on photos at my computer and my wrist was acting up. I've had this stupid wrist guard since high school (which embarrassingly enough I had to wear to school for a couple of weeks) and still have to wear it every now and again. My sister came into town for the weekend and showed up with her wrist guard on the same arm. You might have had to be there but we thought it was pretty funny! I felt like such a nerd when we left to eat and I had my wrist guard in one hand and my asthma inhaler in the other...
Check out our SWEET wrist guards.

Zebra Print

I saw this paper lantern at Cost Plus a few weeks ago... It was my inspiration to redecorate my office in zebra print. I have always loved animal print but it can be hard to keep it from looking trashy. It is hard to find inexpensive zebra print items, so I went to Michaels and got crafty! I painted a tissue box and a file box. I really wasn't sure if it would turn out because I couldn't find a template or stencil, so I just had to make it up as I went.
The semi-finished office. Any ideas for some fun zebra stuff or at least more stuff to paint?



I haven't been very good about updating this thing lately. Here are a few things that have been going on lately:
First of all, he's just cute! His two bottom teeth are almost all the way in. This is his crazy face he makes when he's hitting the couch or toys. He gets really excited and intense. It is pretty funny to watch.
Greyden fell asleep while eating a snack the other day. I was working in my office and came out to find him passed out. He didn't even wake up when I moved him to his crib. I would have a serious kink in my neck if I tried to sleep like that for a minute. Lastly, Jared took Carrie for a WILD ride yesterday on the HOG. She kind of looks like me since she's wearing my clothes, helmet, boots. I'm sure she will tell you the whole story on her blog. Dave tells me she loved it so much she's been wearing her cutoff flannel shirt and leather vest. I think she's ready for the road!


On Saturday Jared & I went met up with my mom & step-dad on a long (250 mile) motorcycle ride. THANK YOU grandma joanne for watching Greyden!!! I rode on the back of Jared's sportster half the time and the back of Dave's Goldwing the other half. My mom drove her own! What a woman!!! I'm so proud of her for learning how to drive one. Check out how cool they all look! I really need to learn how to drive a motorcycle so I can get some matching leathers. :)It was such an amazing ride. We went out hwy 285 to fairplay and looped around south to Colorado Springs and back up towards Denver. It was so relaxing and fun! Come on Dave & Carrie... don't you want to join our motorcycle gang?