The Glass Castle

I have lots of photos to post from our Vegas trip, so watch for them... I actually finished a book on our vacation. I read "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls every quiet minute I could find. It is an incredible autobiography that I can't stop thinking about. The author writes about her life growing up as a daughter of a drunk father and a crazy mom. They lived in cars, shacks and went without food for weeks on end. I could not believe that some of the stories had actually happened. She's my new hero! I highly recommend reading it. Carrie, I know you'll like it! I own it if anyone wants to borrow it. It is one of those stories I'm still thinking through and makes me even more grateful for my life and my wonderful family. Check out this clip to hear a little bit from the book. It features the author and her mother.


Training Day

I did it! (with a little bit of walking...) Jared & I did our 10 mile training run today. We ran up to City Park by the zoo and back down along Cheeseman Park and home. It was a really fun run. When we got to City Park they had a high school cross country meet going. I was thinking back to my high school track days when I thought 1 mile of running was forever long.

Sometimes when I'm running I have a really hard time staying motivated not to just walk the rest of the way. Anyone out there have any special secrets? A couple of songs today that kept me going were:
Mr. Brightsides by The Killers
My Humps by Black Eyed Peas (I know...)
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
She Comes and Goes by Rob Drabkin (local artist--AMAZING!!!)


Little Mermaid

I went to see The Little Mermaid on Saturday with the girls in Jared's family... Thank you Joanne! Everything was amazing including the talent, sets, music. The girl that played Ariel had a fantastic voice and sounded just like the movie. They had a few new songs that were amazing as well. The only negative was the lady sitting in front of us. She dramatically gasped when Ursula appeared, squealed when the Prince kissed Ariel and clapped as the songs started. You would have thought she was a little girl dressed up in her mermaid dress, but she was a full-grown adult. I guess she was REALLY excited to be there.

photos courtesy of Little Mermaid - Broadway


Another Blog

This blog fever has really gotten to me! I started a blog for iSHOTS now too. I just keep finding ways to procrastinate what I really should be doing... Check it out if you get bored. :) As always, I love any feedback or comments. Thanks!


My Taste of Colorado

For Labor Day we went with Dave & Carrie to Taste of Colorado. (Thanks guys... it was fun!) It is a big fair with tons of food from the area, rides to throw up on after eating all that food, and all kinds of interesting people. All Jared and Dave could talk about was getting a BIG turkey leg. Sure enough, as soon as we got there they got their turkey legs. They were very pleased.

Jared let me have a few bites of his after he ate all the good meat....

After stuffing ourselves full of turkey, tacos, gyros, free mentos, smoothies and free samples of BING energy drinks we got a taste of the people of Colorado (see photo below). Carrie helped me get this photo. He actually has a wife-beater sunburn. It was perfect timing with him trying on an awful Broncos hat. I love Colorado!!!

Happy Labor Day to ALL!