The big 3-0

The big 3-0 has finally arrived and I am actually excited. 29 was a very, very tough one and just a rough year overall so 30 will be better!

20+second recap of my 20's:
*Began with lots of dating and fun living the college life
*Incredibly sick for months until an emergency gallbladder surgery
*Graduated with a BA in Communications and minor in French
*Traveled to Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, Prague (2x), Hungary, Italy, Mexico and various states
*Stopped trying to find myself and began creating myself
*Married the man of my dreams--BEST DECISION in my 20's and ever
*Learned how to really cook and love it
*Started my photo biz and grew it all by myself
*Moved into our first "together" house to prep for a family
*Tried to learn how to sew
*Made the scariest leap of my life and became a mother
*Immediately thought I made the biggest mistake of my life
*Until I fell in love with the second man (little guy) of my dreams
*Quickly learned my capacity for strength
*Got shingles
*Ran the Denver Half Marathon twice
*Blessed with a beautiful daughter after a miscarriage
*Fell in love again
*Got mono
*Closed my business to be a MOM
*Joyfully got pregnant with baby #3
*Today = not one thing I would change

There have been so many ups and downs, goods and bads and I am so grateful for every little bit of it. I am learning to love my flaws and have patience with the rest of me. I am excited for this next {adult} phase of my life and look forward to the new lessons and adventures coming my way...


Jason and Heather said...

Woohoo for being 30!!! I loved that recap! You are the best! Didn't know you minored in French...hmm. :)

Angela Henderson said...

Happy Birthday! You are such a great mother and wife! This post made me cry though for reasons I dont want to say...but Love you and your family! To another great decade right?