Baby Party

My sweet sister-in-law and friend threw me a baby party to celebrate this third baby. They took me to Maggiano's (which coincidentally was my first date with Jared) for a girl's night out with my family and best girlfriends. It was a perfect evening and they sure did spoil me. I think I am ready for another girl's night out... And it got me so excited to meet this sweet, tiny boy and dress him in all the cute clothes.

Check out all the goodies:
I am embarrassed to be so spoiled for my third baby, but it sure was awesome!

With my mom - she made a special blanket for baby boy.
Such a wonderful surprise

With Carrie, Pam & Amy

With my girlies from high school
Brooke, Erica & Kathy


Jared's grandmother worked at the Baur's Restaurant downtown years and years ago. They had some unfortunate circumstances and had to shut the historic restaurant down. My mother-in-law took the family on a field trip to have dessert there. We lucked out and the owner was there and gave us a wonderful tour telling us stories about all the old photos. He even filled little bags with handmade candies to take home. It was a great experience.

Part of the family with the owner of the restaurant in the middle.
See our yummy candy bags?



The title should read "Our wonderful mountain getaway..." Unfortunately the day before we were supposed to go to the mountains for a week, the doctor said, "No way." It is way too risky in my situation--I am at a high risk for my water breaking early apparently. So we had to change our plans and decided to still make it a vacation, but at home. We didn't tell many people we were here because part of a vacation is not having to go anywhere or do anything. It was awesome! We did so many fun family things and had a blast together. It was the perfect way to spend time together before our family has some big changes again soon.

Some highlights of our staycation:

Dinner & s'mores in the backyard

Buying ukeleles for Jared & Grey to have a Daddy/G band
Walks to the park

Lots and lots of naps and reading

Playing dress-up with Elise (mostly me just trying new things with her hair and letting her try on my jewelry)

A day trip to Colorado Springs:
--Seven Falls, feeding trout, and a picnic in the canyon
(pretty canyon, but the falls were PATHETIC - do not waste your time or money!)
--Manitou Springs to play at the arcade and eat ice cream--

Cashing in my birthday money for a 90-minute heavenly massage

A day at the Splash in Golden (AMAZING!!)


Little Fish

When the kids came to me looking like this:

I figured I needed to figure out a way to get some swimming in--even with my restrictions. I probably push it too much but they kids make me INSANE when we are all stuck at home all the time. So I took them to the kiddie pool and was able to sit on a chair pretty much the whole time. It wore them out and we all went home to take naps. It worked out perfectly! And it was so refreshing to be able to get outside and do something.
Side note--I was given the green light for a little bit of walking. So now I can go grocery shopping and take the kids more places as long as I'm not lifting. Still no vacuuming, lifting groceries or laundry baskets for me--sorry Jared! They said when I go back for my next appointment (Monday) they will probably lift more restrictions since I am getting so close. YAY! I might have freedom back.


I hate that Sundays are the hardest day of the week for me. Sundays should be my day to reconnect and work on my spiritual side. But it is not so with Jared gone all morning and afternoon and sitting by myself with the kids at church.

From the moment we wake up, we are showering, bathing, eating twice (yes I have hungry kids), getting dressed, doing hair and trying to squeeze in a youtube mormon message or two to get in the right spirit.

Then with Sacrament meeting last, the kids are starving and exhausted. I pretty much come home in tears or so exhausted that I crash on the couch and can't get up again for hours. I snapped this on the way home. Wish you could see what I look like to really complete the picture...
How am I ever going to do it with THREE kids?!!

Future Dentist?

Grey has been begging to go to the dentist--oh for the past six months. He was so excited the night before that he couldn't even sleep. He is like his mommy. He told me he was excited to get the yellow stuff scraped off and to have shiny, pretty teeth.



As I have been growing this baby, Jared has been looking for yet another motorcycle. This time smaller and sportier--so between pregnancies, finding babysitters and now a stub of a back seat, there really isn't much hope of me joining him.
I just want to know when I get my mid-life crisis toy... I am going to start making my lists.

Small Parks

I have become a little more creative in what I can do on restriction, yet keep the kids from climbing up the walls!!! I pack a picnic lunch, find a small park and sit on a blanket while they run in circles for an hour or two. Then we come home after lunch--Elise naps and Grey rests. It is perfect! I rarely have to get up from my spot. The key is to stick to a small park where I can see everything that is going on and make sure they know I cannot push them in the swings.

I go in for another ultrasound this week and my doctor said if everything still looks good, they might lift some restrictions. YAY! This sure has been a long pregnancy teaching me how to be patient when life is moving forward at the pace of a snail. And I am slowly learning how to get through one day at a time without totally freaking out. I give myself a lot of pep talks.