I am officially committed to running the Denver Half again. Don't ask me what got into me. I swore I would never run again after last year's half marathon! Lets just hope the weather cooperates this time. August 31st is the last day for the standard sign up price if anyone is interested.

Because I will be running a LOT in the next 6 weeks, I need your help! I am getting so sick of my workout music. I'm still listening to some songs that I ran to 7 years ago... What are your favorite songs to run to?


Weekend Sunshine

Saturday we spent the morning at Cherry Creek Reservoir. Jared is training for his first triathlon. (YAY!!!) We went so he could test out his wetsuit in the open water. I am so proud of him. He sets these goals (like running the NYC marathon) and sticks to them so perfectly.

Anyways... Grey and I had a blast playing in the sand, reading and pretending like we were on a real beach. One more month and we will be!


Only in Denver...

Only in Denver do we have record cold and tons of rain and then go to Waterworld two days later! We had two blissful days of drizzly, cold rain. It was so great!!! We woke up late, snuggled in bed and did absolutely nothing. Grey spent quite a bit of time in the laundry basket. For some reason he thought it was a chair... ???Jared & I did have to leave the house for a wedding in Winter Park. It was actually snowing a little bit. They were supposed to get married in a field at Devil's Thumb Ranch, but the weather just did not cooperate. It was absolutely beautiful up there. I told Jared he has to take me back there!
Grey & I took advantage of the last few days of summer at Waterworld. It was the last weekday Waterworld was open, so we went for the whole afternoon. Pam was supposed to come with Ryan and Addie, but unfortunately they were sick. We missed you guys!!! We had so much fun that it makes me mad at myself I didn't go sooner.


Grandma at the Park

On my mom's birthday she came up to go to the park with us. I thought I would take my camera along just for fun. It was such a beautiful day (although HOT) and he actually stopped long enough to look towards the camera sometimes.

Olympic Excitement

Did anyone see the mens swimming 4x100 relay last night. That definitely tops my list of most exciting Olympic moments. The French were saying that they just came to the Olympics to "trash the Americans." Lezak was behind in the final 50m and caught up with the French team while crushing the world record. He swam the fastest relay leg ever!!! Thanks to him Phelps is well on his way to breaking the Olympic medal record. We watched it over and over again because it was so exciting!


Last Weekend

I am a little slow at keeping up the blog this week. I have been transferring my stuff from my old PC to my new MacBook. Wahoo!!! Last Friday night we had a family date at the Kohls sale and then Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. I was a little worried about Grey. He has a really hard time sitting still. But he had a blast trying all the foods and of course topping it off with a mini ice cream cone.Then on Saturday my friend (Julie) from high school came to town. We scrambled and got a little group together for dinner. It was a blast to see Kathy, Jen, Julie and Kaylee and catch up on all the crazy happenings in our lives. We sure missed the rest of the group though. Love you girls!!!