Greyden's 1st Christmas

Greyden got to sit on Santa's lap TWICE! The first time he was sleeping peacefully...
The second time he was a little confused and quite uninterested in the gift for him. This will be the one and only year that he won't be caring about gifts!
Christmas morning was funny with Greyden sound asleep in his swing while the dogs opened their presents excitedly. Hey, at least we had him in the room with us, right?

Matching PJ's

Aunt Pam got cousin Ryan & Greyden matching Christmas PJ's. Aren't they adorable? Thanks Pam! We'll have to keep up the tradition of making them wear matching pj's. Notice the "lobster" shirt Jared is wearing? Thanks to Jodie & Ken for the fun gift.

We're such mean parents...

Greyden is not going to be happy when he's old enough to realize what we sent out as our Christmas card this year. We just had too much fun in the studio with him. Although we did have a few accidents where he peed and more all over the white background. Just a side note... he's not naughty. :)



I didn't think Greyden would enjoy the snow just yet, but we had a blast playing with the dogs, shoveling (well Jared did the shoveling) and drinking hot chocolate. It was so much fun to be snowed in for a couple of days. We got almost 2 feet at our house. It took a while to dig our car out of the driveway, but it was definitely worth it.


Blessing Day

Greyden had a wonderful blessing day on December 3rd. We were so worried that he would have a screaming fit in the middle of the blessing, but he slept right through it. We were lucky to have so much family there with us.

Funny Hat that came with the outfit! Trying to get Ryan to smack Greyden.

Grandma & Grandpa with Greyden in his room before the blessing

The Families