Girls, Girls, Girls

I just got back from a little girl's getaway up in the mountains. It was so relaxing and fun to spend time with girls (and three babies!). We ate out, hot-tubbed, got pedicures and TALKED for hours. As soon as I got there I checked in with Jared to find out Greyden had been throwing up every 10 minutes. Greyden is still sick and now Jared has it too. So he got a crash course in parenting a sick child. I feel a little guilty...
Kacey, Pam, Janae, Carrie & Christina Plus the three babies...


Happy 18 Months

I cannot believe Grey is 18 months!!! In some ways it feels like yesterday and in others it feels like a lifetime ago when he came into our lives. I am so lucky to be his mom!

Love this song!

I just heard this song today & LOVE it! Enjoy....


I am FINALLY over my nasty bug. It was a killer to get rid of. Last weekend we went up to the mountains for a long weekend of relaxation. We read, slept, played at the pool and watched movies. It was great! I was too tired and still sick, so I didn't take any pictures.

This past week, Greyden, my mom & I went to visit my grandparents, sister and bro-in-law in St. George. The flights were stressful and exhausting but we survived. I don't think I could fly alone with Grey. He is such a handful!!! Some highlights from our trip:

Shopping at the outlets with grandma. She bought Grey a special hat.
Ice cream at the Blue Bunny factory. Grey loved his cotton candy cone until it plopped on the floor.
Getting Cafe Rio takeout to the park, swinging, playing on the slide.
The Rec Center. I played more than Grey. He was exhausted so he just splashed and hung out with grandma.


Sick Day(s)

And now we are going on Day 7 of our germy house. Greyden caught something and passed it onto me. So I'm pretty much as bored as can be... I have watched the first season of Scrubs, some of Alias and some of Coach. Any suggestions???


Our little rock hero

We got Rock Band (woohoo) a few weeks ago. Look who likes to play too!