Father's Day

I know I am a few weeks late now. But I couldn't resist putting up this picture of my two favorite boys. Grey gave this medal to Jared on Father's Day. I spoiled him a little bit too. He deserves it after all of his hard work. I am so blessed to share this parenting thing with Jared-He is amazing! And apparently the Number 1 Dad too.



So I have been MIA. again. Having way too much fun this summer and neglecting everything I should be doing. Heather & Jason came to town over Father's Day weekend--so we took advantage and had a fun-filled weekend! We met at Belleview Park **side note--if you have never been--GO NOW!** for a picnic lunch and fun.

We had a little picnic in the shade on our blankets.
(Dave, Mom, Christina, Elise, Jason, Jared, Grey)

(Sisters and BFFs!)

Then Jason, Heather & I took Grey on a little train ride with an adorable conductor in overalls and a train cap. Look how cute!

We finished our park day at the petting zoo. Grey loved it and went right up to pet each of the animals. I guess having 2 big dogs will make a kid unafraid of animals. I want to live on a farm and have cute little farm animals!

(The sign said no feeding the animals, but Grey was too cute trying to help the cow get the hay)

(My new cow friend who I wanted to take home)

(Heather & Grey with the crazy pig. It kept trying to eat my dress and tore apart some guy's shoes and shoelaces as he walked by.)


Butterfly Pavillions

First of all, look at how much my little guy has grown since the last time we went. Can I just pause time for a bit? And yes now he is independent and dresses himself and looks like a hobo kid.

I have been meaning to take Grey back to see all of the bugs and butterflies. He has such a fascination with it all right now.

*side note* He has a ladybug playground where we put roly-polies and ladybugs. His first roly-poly he put in there he named Elfie and slept cuddled up to it. Oh and I had a dead dragonfly sitting on my kitchen table for 2 days. He likes bugs!

Anyways... he LOVED it!

He even held the tarantula...


summer, summer, summertime

So thrilled that warm weather is here!

pool, popsicles, BBQs, walks at the park, long days...

Happy summer (almost officially)!



Counting down---one month to go until Jared does his triathlon in NYC! He did a sprint tri for training at Cherry Creek last weekend. I always love taking the kids to watch. It is a blast and Grey really loves it.

Watching for daddy--

at the lake--

at the finish line--

Oh and I must brag--he finished 31st in the whole race. I am so proud of him. I can't wait to cheer my lover on in NYC (at 6am)!

Memorial Day

Ummmm.... a little late. I got sick with a sinus and ear infection and was stuck in bed for days. Then of course I needed another week to catch up on everything I missed being sick! So a quick recap of our perfect weekend! Jared was off of work from Thursday afternoon through Monday. Our weekend was so relaxing filled with a trip to our fave restaurant (Sweet Tomatoes!), lots of movies, reading and napping in the sun and even some pool time. I wish every weekend could be so great! Especially through this rainy and cold weekend--although it has been relaxing!

We started our actual Memorial Day meeting the family at the war memorial in Highlands Ranch. Jared's dad and Jared's grandpa both served in the military and they have plaques to honor them. I am so grateful for their service and all the others that have worked so hard for our country's freedoms!

Dean standing by his name:

And up close---Dean & Henry

Running through the fountains at the memorial:

Then off to the pool for some play time!