Happy Halloween!

Birthday Celebrations Continued...

Lucky Grey had two more birthday parties to celebrate turning the big 2. First we went to my Dad & Mona's for lunch, birthday cake and gifts. Grey & Isabella had so much fun playing together. He loves the race car track!
Then on his actual birthday we met up with my Mom & Dave at a fun indoor play place, Monkey Bizness. The kids really look like monkeys climbing and running everywhere. So much fun! Then back to their house for pizza, cake (for the third time!) and gifts. Grey got hooked up this year! Thank you EVERYONE for all the gifts and fun times. I think we are done for the year now. :)


Thank You Little White Car

Dear Little White Car,
I was late for Grey's doctor appointment today and driving too fast in the school zone. I saw the two motocops with their speed guns after it was too late. I knew I was caught! My heart started pounding until I realized they were pulling you over from the lane next to me. Thank you little white car for taking the bullet for me.
The Black SUV

On a side note... Grey is getting so BIG! He had his 2-year checkup and the doctor was surprised by his growth. He is now in the 65% for weight and 85% for height. I don't know why it makes me feel proud when he grows big and tall. It isn't like I have anything to do with it...


Two is for Tantrums?

To my sweet Grey,

Two years ago today I went through the most difficult night of my life to be rewarded with such an amazing little man. We bonded instantly and I fell in love with your fUzzY, soft back and beautiful, dark eyes. Having you in our family has given me some long, hard days, but also TONS of rewarding moments. Sometimes I can't help but LaUgH when I watch you! You have quite the spunky pErSonAliTy yet you are so loving and sensitive.

You had a wonderful birthday.  I let you take an eXtrA long shower today. I haven't been able to shower alone for mOntHs now. You always want to get into the "show" when it is on. I also figured out that if I put you in front of the mIrRoR on the bathroom sink, you will sit still long enough for me to FINALLY trim your cRaZY mane! You watched your favorite movie, CARS, played for hours, and ate lots of sNaCKs.

You are my little man & I love you SO VERY MUCH!!! Happy 2 years to you!



Let the Celebrations Begin...

With all of our family around, Grey gets to celebrate his birthday 3 times this year! 

Part One... a combined party with Josh & Tyler

We had a blast at a corn maze at Chatfield. I felt like I was on a real farm in a small town. They had pony rides, a barn with a real silo and a pumpkin patch.
Ryan actually stopped for a quick picture

Then it was back to Grandma & Grandpa's for soup & my attempt at a fall birthday cake
Opening gifts & loving his new toys. THANKS everyone!!!


Bragging Rights?

Today was the big day! I left the house just after 6am to get downtown for the half marathon. It was still dark with the city lights on at start time. The weather was absolutely perfect as opposed to last year's. The beautiful weather helped me shave 17 minutes off my time from last year. My goal was under two hours and I was shy by 50 measly seconds. If only I could have lifted my legs off the ground that last mile...
I got to see Jared and Grey THREE times in City Park. It was fabulous and gave me that extra boost I needed. I ran with Carie and she really kept me going. Thanks Carie!
Next year anyone?

My race gear set out the night before. I was ultra prepared!

Grey watching all the runners
After the race
Grey was having too much fun to get a picture with me


Help in Iraq

I have a friend whose husband is serving in Iraq. He is asking help for the Christian refugees in Bartolla. If you have been checking the news lately you will know the Christians are being driven out of Mosul because of their religion. Instead of reciting prayers at the mosques, Muslims are announcing that all Christians must leave or be killed. The Christians are fleeing to a neighboring city, Bartolla, and are running out of food, clothing, etc.

Go to this link to find more information about what is happening, the things they need and how you can help. All they need is for you to clean out your closets and send it over. This would make a great family service project.

Even amidst all the political mumbo jumbo about the war in Iraq, let's not forget our heroes fighting over there as well as the Iraqi people.


I heart LIME

I am officially obsessed with Lime. Thanks to Stephanie we had a much-needed girl's night out. Happy Birthday Steph! Lime is a delicious restaurant on Larimer St. where we ate and talked for three hours. They were ready to kick us out I'm sure...


Back to Reality

We got back from a fun trip to Miami and Key West this week. It was a fantastic vacation and I'm already anxious to go back to those beaches! Thanks to Jeff & Tara for taking care of us in Miami!!! I apologize for so many pictures... I just could not narrow it down. Don't mind my hair--I was having big time humidity/hair issues. 
We lucked out with perfect weather and no hurricanes. Poor Grey got sick at the end and we had a late night urgent care visit for croup. The most dreaded part (the flights) turned out perfectly minus getting thrown up on at take off. I had to sit in the stink for 4 hours.... Better than screaming I guess!!!

Some highlights from our trip:

Driving through all of the Keys top to bottom. I have always wanted to do that drive. It was long, but so relaxing and enjoyable. We stopped at an adorable cafe on Sugarloaf Key for lunch.

Spending two nights in Key West at a gorgeous hotel we got a steal on. We spent a lot of time at the pool. I absolutely LOVED Key West. It is such a charming town and just gorgeous! 

Swimming in the turquoise ocean near the southernmost point of the USA! Only 90 miles to Cuba--Think I could swim it?

Renting bikes and riding them downtown for the Sunset Celebration. Key West has performers and a party for the sunset every night. We sat and watched a sword-swallower for a long time.
Taking an airboat ride at the Everglades. We saw two alligators that came right up to the boat. Grey touched an alligator back at the boats and I actually held it. Yes, as you can see from my face I was scared to death. I saw it staring me down....

Going to Miami Beach (the BEST beach in the world!) and swimming for hours
Taking a quick trip out to Key Biscayne--there was too much seaweed on the beach so we went back to Miami Beach again. But I love lighthouses and had to capture it.

A sleepy Grey---he was such a trooper and passed out every time we got in the car


Mountain Girls

I went with some friends to the condo in Dillon for a nice, quick getaway. We spent pretty much the whole time scrapbooking! I was digi-scrapbooking as you see in our mess of a table picture! I can't seem to get myself to pull out all the tubs of scrapbook stuff anymore.
We ate lots and talked tons.... makes for a perfect girls weekend! The leaves were changing up there and it was absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had taken photos of the trees. Thanks Joanne & Dean for the perfect place to go!!!