30 weeks

I am a little behind on blogging... Now I am just about 32 weeks, but I haven't posted a recent belly shot lately. I am still on major restrictions--luckily not complete bed rest. But I can't do a whole lot and it is getting pretty depressing! 8 weeks feels like FOREVER away when I think about not being able to clean, grocery shop, take the kids anywhere I have to walk much, etc. etc... I am trying to focus on one day at a time instead of feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the meaningless day ahead of me.

I went in for another baby check and he is growing perfectly! He is measuring a week ahead in the 75th%. YAY! And they still can't find any obvious problem, so that is hopefully good news... And hopefully he won't make me wait the whole 8 weeks.

And more baby face pics. It is hard to tell what everything is--he had his hand, a knee, a foot and the cord in front of his face and wouldn't move.

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