I wonder what does Christmas mean
With its stars and shiny balls?
Is Christmas more than Christmas trees
And toys and games and dolls?
Of this I'm sure: There's something more,
For I've heard many say
That in a strange and far-off land,
A child was born this day.
And Christmas is to celebrate
His coming from above.
He showed us how we all should live
And told us we should love.


From our family to yours

Seeing as how Christmas is next week and I have not ordered cards yet, this will have to do this year. We wish each of you a very

Merry Christmas

Jared, Christina, Grey & Elise


♫ You Better Watch Out ♫

A Christmas Party

Singing Santa in with Jingle Bells

I drag a terrified Grey onto Santa's lap

I think he is mad at me

Add a baby sister and he can at least fake a smile



Cold, Snowy Weather

makes me

put on the

Red, Fuzzy Robe

and warm up with

Hot Chocolate
(using the best invention ever!)


Christmas Decorations: A few of my favorite things

I don't have many decorations since we have limited storage space. But I love, love, love Christmas decorations. It makes me so happy to look around and see


glittery snowflakes

red, red, red

cinnamon-y pinecones

old-fashioned ornaments
(given to us our first married Christmas from my grandparents)

chubby little helping hands


Christmas Decorations: A Little Helper

While setting up the Christmas tree I pulled everything out of the tubs and put it on our table. I turned around and Grey had been decorating his own little "tree" out of the tree topper. He was so proud!



Has it really been a month since I last updated. Apparently life is too busy for me to keep up! I honestly cannot remember what went on in November except for Thanksgiving... Oh yeah--I did have to speak in church. So that took pretty much all of my brain cells that are left.

On to Thanksgiving...

We kept up our annual tradition of the Turkey Trot at Washington Park. It is so great to just walk over. I think this was our 6th year; Grey's 3rd and Elise's 1st. She is the little pink hat in the stroller. Jared was so kind to push the HEAVY stroller and I got to run freely with some lovely ladies! It was a perfect start to the big, delicious-food-filled day.

We have been decorating away and getting ready for a fabulous Christmas season. Happy December!