We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet

I just found out that Gordon B. Hinckley passed away this evening. What a wonderful man and prophet. He has done such amazing things in his thirteen years as prophet of the LDS church. He truly served and loved the gospel and all of those around him. I loved listening to him speak and hearing his powerful and humble testimony. I have so much love and respect for this man and am grateful that I lived during his time.

15 Months and A Warm Day

Greyden is 15 months! Time is going so quickly. I tried taking a few pictures of him in the studio, but he lasted about 10 seconds. Today was so warm and beautiful. We met up with some friends and walked around the park for an hour. It felt so good to be outside enjoying some sunshine.


I found out today that New Kids on the Block are reuniting. It brought back some major flashbacks. I was in love with them as a kid. I think I had a crush on Joey... I can't remember. I owned all the NKOTB gear; sleeping bags, notebooks, fake autographed photos, pillowcases. My cousins and I even made a dance to "Hangin' Tough" and performed it to the extended family.
I loved them as a kid in the 80's, but won't it be strange and kind of embarrassing to have a 40-something year old boy band??? Are they going to stick with their teen pop style or branch out? I must say I am a little curious...



Spring cleaning came early to our house this year. Living with mice has turned me into a complete germaphobe. I spent some time cleaning out a closet today and have a dilemma. When we moved into our house two years ago I put two nails in the closet and hung my necklaces there. Since then I have acquired a few more necklaces and they no longer fit on the two small nails. I apparently have a cheap jewelry problem too! But that is another story... So any ideas out there on how to organize this MESS of necklaces?


Birthdays & More

Happy Birthday to Isabella! She turned 1 on Jan. 10th. And of course I forgot my camera for the party... I did, however, remember my camera for the BIG birthday bash celebrating my Dad and Dennis turning 55 and my cousin Bob turning 29. It was a blast! They had 'over the hill' hats and all. Right after I took this picture, they were all covered in frosting. Thank goodness they saved some of the cake to eat.
Greyden hanging out with the girls!


No luck

Apparently these mice are smarter than we are! Every time we check the traps they have licked off the bait but have not set it off. HELP! Any suggestions or ideas? I'm going to have to move out if we don't get rid of these rodents.


A few more things

Some highlights of the last couple weeks:

A Forever 21 shopping trip with my sister
Trying on both cute and absurd clothes. Do you like my sequined tunic?
Celebrating New Year's with friends at Cheesecake Factory
A relaxing trip to the condo in Dillon including a massage, movies, games, puzzles and skiing. It was SO cold!



Last Sunday Jared found a half-nibbled peppermint kiss on his desk. We thought maybe it was a mouse, but weren't too concerned since we hadn't seen anything else. We were leaving town, so we deep cleaned the house, got rid of food and trash and set up a trap under his desk with some peanut butter. I read on the internet that mice don't like mint or dryer sheets. So I filled the house with peppermint oil soaked paper towels and dryer sheets. Let me begin by explaining my phobia of mice. I get creepy crawly chills just writing about this. I cannot eat and I cannot sleep! They disgust me!

Anyways, we got back into town today and found the mouse trap still set but the peanut butter completely licked off. Then I went to put Greyden down for a nap and found droppings IN HIS CRIB!!! We decided to do a little searching for these mice. Everything in Greyden's room had little droppings in it. From his changing table to the toy baskets. The closet was a disaster. They were apparently living in some of my boots and purses. They had chewed holes through Jared's suit, the laundry hamper and all kinds of things. Needless to say, we have trash bags full of clothes, shoes, bags, purses, blankets... We spent hours disinfecting floor to ceiling with bleach and lysol.

No this is not the end of the story. I also found some things under the kitchen sink. I guess they have been there too. If anyone knows our home you will know that it is a long walk from Greyden's room to the kitchen with our bedroom in between. Have they overtaken our home? Where else am I going to find their "leftovers?" They are everywhere!!! I hope I can sleep tonight and that our 4 traps won't still be set in the morning...