Let's Go Fly a Kite

I hate the wind that comes with springtime, but I adore the way my kids' faces light up when we get that kite flying way up high. It is well worth the windy days... Plus there is nothing funnier than watching all three kids run in circles after that kite.



What a fabulous Easter we had. The kids had two egg hunts on Saturday at the athletic club and in our neighborhood and then we did our little family egg hunt in addition to Jared's family celebration. We may have overdone just a bit. I am still recovering...

And the lame video of the morning egg hunt--I am not a videographer. And don't mind Grey. He has always liked sleeping in his underwear.

I am so grateful for a holiday to reflect and focus on our Savior's Resurrection and gift of life to each of us. I get to be with these cute kiddos FOREVER!

Easter Eggs

We barely squeezed dyeing Easter Eggs into the schedule. If Grey hadn't kept asking, it would have silently passed by... It was a long day. I am glad we did it.