She's Here

Elise Marie was born July 18th at 5:56 AM. We were not expecting her to come quite so quickly. I had an ultrasound on Friday to make sure she was growing well since I had not been gaining weight. They found that my fluid was extremely low and needed to induce quickly. The doctor sent us home to pack our bags and head back to the hospital. I am glad they let us at least go home for our bags. It took all night to get the labor going, but once it started she came in just a couple pushes. She is so beautiful and we are excited to have our little girl back home.

Waiting for the meds to kick in
Had to have all my gear to pass the time until labor started

Our tiny little peanut

Elise's first bath

Grey is thrilled to have "baby sister" here.
He likes to help take care of her and wants to be a part of everything.

This picture makes me smile!


The end is near...

I finally had Jared take my 9-month photos. I have just over 3 weeks to my due date. If I have this baby when I had Grey, it would be next Thursday. AAAH! I am almost ready... not quite.

And now for the hilarious comparisons. Oh I get tired just looking at them.




My hero

Jared competed in an olympic-distance (1.5 K swim, 40 K bike, 10 K run) triathlon Sunday. He was incredible! Months and months of tough training all leading up to yesterday.

We got there early so we could wish him luck before the start. Hot air balloons were taking off and Grey LOVED them!

I felt so huge being 9 months pregnant next to so many ripped people
(including my sexy hubby--look at him!)

Coming out from the swim

Almost finished... It was so hot & muggy
I am SO proud of you, lover!



My sweet sister-in-law and two other friends threw me a wonderful shower for our baby girl. It was amazing! I felt so spoiled to have so many friends and family there. My sister flew out from Utah for less than 24 hours to come!

Pam - a perfect hostess

A delicious waffle bar with more toppings than I could imagine

Hostesses & Guests
Sarah, Leslie, Carrie, Pam, Addie, Christina, Jodie

My in-laws
Pam, Addie, Christina, Joanne, Megan, Jodie

My family
My mom, Heather, Christina, Kathlyn, Rachel


Lady Killer

"just want to do something special for all the ladies of the world..."



Now that I am officially 35 weeks, the panic has set in! I have been crafting, scrubbing and washing everything in sight. What is it about the thought of a new baby that sends me pulling up the cushions in the car and scrubbing every little inch?

I have the room almost finished now. At least it is ready for the baby to sleep in there... I was too lazy to change the blue paint from when Grey was in there, so I adapted the colors around the walls. Although if anyone knows me at all, you know I like to have something red in every room! 

Don't look too closely--this was my first attempt at making a blanket and dust ruffle. And I am still learning how to sew. Needless to say, I have had a lot of fun at the fabric and paper stores.

Steamboat, continued

Day 3: Wandering around downtown, exploring a gorgeous road up a mountain, pedicures for the ladies, and Fish Creek Falls. We had to pack in a lot on our last day!

Grey rode the fake horse on mainstreet and thought it was a blast.

On our drive, we happened upon an overlook towards the ski mountain.

There are wildflowers everywhere. So beautiful!

These photos don't do justice to Fish Creek. They have had so much rain that is was overflowing! It was so loud we couldn't hardly hear each other. I held on TIGHTLY to Grey.

The end....