Vanessa is ONE!

This sweet girl is one. Hard to believe it. She is such a joy in our world. She makes everyone smile and laugh. The kids all adore her and love to baby her. She is a lucky, loved girl.

Her favorite things are dogs, bears, babies and belly buttons. She is on the move but not quite walking. She is still struggling to grow any hair--minus a tiny tuft of curls in the bottom back. Kind of like a curly mullet. Her eyes are still super blue. Jared is hoping they stay and she gets her daddy's eyes. She is still such a little peanut. Her weight is 17 lb 10 oz (3rd %), height 29 ¼ in (54th %) and head 17 ½ (32nd %). But healthy as can be. If only I could get her to eat. anything at all.

Grey had his school music program, so Vanessa didn't get too much of a party. Grandma came over after dinner to open presents, sing and eat cupcakes. Grandma fed her dinner so she has squash all over her face. She wasn't too sure about the cupcake. She is the pickiest eater. ever. But the kids were happy to help her eat it.

She LOVED the baby and snuggled and loved it right away. Then I caught her pushing it around on her walker. So sweet.

Happy Birthday to our little sunshine.



There is nothing like being a parent. There are times when I think it is the absolute worst and hardest thing and I wonder why I got myself into this mess. I feel terrible even having those thoughts ever. But some times are just so hard and draining in ways I could never have imagined. On the other hand, I get to experience the most incredible joy--again more than I could imagine. My heart is so full of love for these little people that were sent to me. There is no greater love and joy than as a mother. I am also so grateful that I am able to stay home with these kids and experience moments that just fill my whole soul with joy. They make me smile and laugh more than anything else in this world. We won't talk about how they can also make me more upset than anything else too...

I love being able to watch these children grow and learn and experiment with the world around them. They find joy and interest in the mundane. They really don't care what anyone thinks. It is refreshing. I find Cole often in ways that just make me laugh. Recently I found him doing his hair like Elise so that he could look "handsome." He was in the bathroom with no pants or underwear, wet hair and one of Elise's headbands on his head/face. He was so proud of himself.

This one made me laugh for different reasons. Grey was upset with me because he apparently thought I was mad. But he got in trouble for breaking rules. This is Cole's bear puzzle where you can mix and match facial expressions and clothing. This is what Grey came up with then he put it on my nightstand. Angry mom, crying Grey and uninterested dad. We got a good laugh out of it.


Pinewood Derby

Grey got to participate in his first Pinewood Derby. Unlike some of the other parents, we let Grey make his car 100% and then I felt guilty for not "fixing it up" a little bit. There were some AMAZING cars. He sat outside shaping then sanding and sanding forever. He put so much effort into it. It was cute. He picked out the american flag wrap and the blue paint.

When we got to the weigh-in though it was under weight and obviously you want it to have the maximum weight. So I glued these pennies on the top and he wasn't too thrilled about that. Again--felt bad. Thank goodness we have more. He won a few of the races but didn't place in the top 3. We have a lot of actual engineers in our ward. :)


Spring Skiing

Trying to use up the last of their Copper passes, the boys got to enjoy a warm spring ski day. We lucked out and had Uncle Jason in town so he went with them. I love that Jared does this with his kids. Great memories being made.

 The fry pic. Every time! I love it.


Kite Flying

I love when the weather starts to warm up again in the spring. We love to go to the park at the end of our street and let the kids run wild. We lucked out with a breezy day when we actually had a few kites at home. That never happens. 



Easter was on General Conference weekend this year. I like hearing from our prophet and apostles on Easter. It is very special. Although I do miss dressing up and going to church on Easter Sunday. It feels strange to not go. Saturday we made the rounds at Easter Egg hunts. Heather, Allie & Ryan were in town so we were going big. We started the morning with a hunt at an elementary school put on by a local jeweler. I scored big time! The kids found eggs with chocolate bunnies, a diamond necklace and a watch. Loved it. Then we went over to the Southglenn Country Club for their egg hunt. It was so much fun.

Greyden, Cole, Elise & Allie

 Cole sorting through his eggs
 Allie joined him after a bit. They are two peas in a pod.

This bunny at the country club was pretty creepy. The girls' faces make me smile. He was following everyone around miming and trying to get you to take pictures with him. It was awkward.

Sunday morning: the kids waiting at the top of the stairs for their egg hunt at home. Before conference and yummy cinnamon rolls.