Baby Boy

I am still dealing with a few pregnancy issues. This baby sure likes to stress me out! I had to go to my doctor's office today to do a couple ultrasounds after another little scare. Luckily they can't find any source of the problem and everything looks good--but it is a little frustrating. I hate not having an answer and worrying about what it could be since they can't really see everything. I go in again Friday and the plan now is to continue keeping a close eye on me and this baby. And I just have to be extra, extra careful. I am sure missing my active life and workouts. But I am glad this baby is healthy and growing bigger and fatter every week!

Good news is that I got to watch this sweet boy in the ultrasound moving around, sticking his tongue out, opening and closing his eyes and pretty much being adorable. She switched it to 3D for a few minutes too--so that was fun to see his cute little face. And he definitely has the full Gogarty lips like my other kiddos. She also saw some hair growing on his head. Gets me so excited to snuggle this little guy!

Baby's profile
Baby's face
More face shots--he was all smashed up against the side


Jason and Heather said...

I love baby boy! He just needs to stay in there a few weeks longer...! I'm so glad you posted these. I want to see baby girl!!! :)

Becky said...

Oh, my! Its been too long since I've been on the blog. It was fun to see the pics of the new baby. Very exciting!
I have to say that reading about your birthday made me smile (because everything was ok).... sounds like my luck. :)
Please take it easy though! That little one needs to keep baking. :)
You have the cutest family.
Thanks also for the sweet comments about my mom. I really appreciate it.