Snow, snow, snow

Winter finally came and I am THRILLED!

I have been waiting for months for some decent snow... 

What could be better than getting snowed in, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies. I got Jared to myself for two whole days when he would have been working!


Boys will be boys

First official daddy/son outing:

Jared took Grey to the motocross with some other dads and boys. So cute! He packed his little backpack with snacks, mini motorcycles and cars and headed out for the night. Apparently he had a blast and is still talking about the fast motorcycles. Oh and that he liked their helmets. I wish I could have seen all the little boys watching together. I bet it was oh so adorable.
Here's to many more daddy/son outings that leave me to a quiet, peaceful house.


Spring is in the Air

Have been looking forward to Saturday all week!

I made a plan as soon as I saw the weather forecast and that we had nothing scheduled all day (a rare saturday). 

a PERFECT day together...

1st - a bike ride downtown to Confluence Park. Grey loved watching the "waterfalls" which really were just ripples in the river. 
2nd - a detour through Riverfront Park and on to the skate park
*side note*
If you ever need a free activity for your boys--head over to the skate park to watch with a picnic lunch.
It really was fun!
Lastly - a big lunch, The Office and naps

...what more could I ask for?

Tonight Jared & Grey are with some other boys at Motocross--so there will hopefully be some pictures from that to post.


Sugar & Spice

and everything nice...

It's a GIRL! 
We are so excited--and I am panicking that this pregnancy is halfway through already. How did that happen?!! Guess it is time to start thinking about labor and newborns again...


Quick Weekend

I am a little late in getting this posted--yes the pregnancy laziness has not gone away yet...

My mom, sister & I had grand ideas to meet somewhere warm and play for a weekend using my sister's buddy passes. Unfortunately the standby flying could only get us to Albuquerque or SLC for the weekend. We opted for SLC and I would bring Grey along thinking it would be easy. He was awful and misbehaved. I started wondering if I even liked my child...

He did love his special backpack we bought for the trip and wore it 24/7.
Being with my mom and sister was so much fun. Plus I got to see my cousins & aunt! So great to see them!!!
I also got to do some things on my SLC list like:

IKEA - we spent hours here. SO FUN! Except for the fact that I made a list of things to get online when I got home and nothing I want is sold online. Oh well... I got a hazelnut chocolate bar, ocean finger puppets for Grey and an ice cream cone out of it.
TEMPLE SQUARE - I love being on temple square! It is always so quiet and uplifting. 
CAFE RIO - come to denver please!!!

MEMORY LANE - Grey wouldn't nap unless in the car so we did a little driving...
First stop: my apartment downtown from the pre-Jared days
Next stop: our old house and my middle school in Sandy from the absolute WORST year of my life. There is something calming about looking back on those awful times and being able to see progress.
TONY CAPUTO'S - my other favorite local eatery when I lived there. It is so yummy that I had a dream that they were opening one on my street. It used to be a little Italian deli--they now have a fabulous euro market attached with chocolates, pastas, sauces and fresh meats & cheeses. It was heaven!



Somebody got into the sticker drawer.

Pulled out every sticker and decorated himself.

Now we have no stickers.

What a cutie!

Side note: Can you tell how absolutely exhausted I have been with this pregnancy by my lack of posts, photos and recipes? Hopefully the excitement will set in soon and overpower my laziness.