3 Months Old!

Greyden turned 3 months old today... It feels more like 3 years for Jared & I. :) We can't hardly remember what it was like to be single married anymore. Greyden is changing so fast. We have so much fun with him now that he is giggling and playing. I am already loving watching his changes and watching him learn new things. I think adults need children around. They remind us of the joys in simple things. (like rattling car keys. hehehe) Happy Birthday G!



One of my best friends from high school, Julie, came into town and we had a mini-reunion. All of us have kids now and it was so much fun having our families together and seeing how much everyone has grown up! We'll never forget the days of ponytail boy & ghetto superstar! Arianne, Tatum & Kristi.... WE MISSED YOU!!!!


Testing out the bumbo....

Greyden tried the bumbo for the first time. I'm not sure if he really liked it a whole lot. He looks a little bit stressed about it. I thought he would like it because he is always wanting to sit up and look around at everything lately. He is so curious about everything that is going on around him. He has just started noticing the dogs. He watches them closely!


Visiting Friends

My best friend from high school, Erica & her sister Emily came to see Greyden today. Emily just had a little boy, Cooper 6 weeks ago. They are best buds already!

Looks like Greyden is checking out Lilly (Erica's youngest). He loves the girls already. Uh-Oh!


Our little nerd....

Here is Greyden all ready to go to church in his sweater vest. hehehe.... Greyden is not a happy little guy at church. So far I've spent the last couple months in the mother's lounge on Sundays. I never realized how hard it would be to get to church on time or at all. Having a calling is sometimes the ONLY thing that gets me out the door.


Aunt P & Uncle Jason

Greyden thinks it is about time for Heather & Jason to move to Denver. We miss them LOTS!



Dale & Mona welcomed their baby girl, Isabella Grace, today at about 5 pm. She weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs 8 oz. She is beautiful with lots of black hair. Greyden has a new aunt!


Dreaming of NYC?

Greyden is becoming a much happier little guy. He actually smiles and giggles now. It is amazing the silly little things that make him happy!