Small Parks

I have become a little more creative in what I can do on restriction, yet keep the kids from climbing up the walls!!! I pack a picnic lunch, find a small park and sit on a blanket while they run in circles for an hour or two. Then we come home after lunch--Elise naps and Grey rests. It is perfect! I rarely have to get up from my spot. The key is to stick to a small park where I can see everything that is going on and make sure they know I cannot push them in the swings.

I go in for another ultrasound this week and my doctor said if everything still looks good, they might lift some restrictions. YAY! This sure has been a long pregnancy teaching me how to be patient when life is moving forward at the pace of a snail. And I am slowly learning how to get through one day at a time without totally freaking out. I give myself a lot of pep talks.

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