Baby on the move...

Elise is on the move! A couple of days ago she finally figured out how to crawl. But it took her a day or two to really figure out how to go fast. She is so cute. She puts her head down and does dainty, tiny moves to get places. I love it!

video to come soon--i am too lazy to upload it now

Post Edit: video from 5.8.2010
The second one is so sad---but I had to add it. Okay I laughed a little.


16 pounder

Nine months in...

Nine months out...

Yes that is right... my sweet 9-month old is only 16 pounds! She is still a tiny little monkey. I have no idea where the past nine months have gone... I guess not sleeping at night makes time non-existent. I am still barely functioning. I think I remember that happening with Grey. I kept thinking that someday I would be "me" again... Then one day when he was about a year it happened. So I'm hoping we are almost there!

She makes us so happy though. This girl might be the happiest baby I have ever known. Not to say she doesn't have her moments and crying, but she has the biggest grin and can light up the room. It is so easy to get her giggling and sometimes I waste too much time trying because I can't get enough.

A week after she turned nine months, she finally learned to crawl! It is so cute to watch her move around. It has been fun to see the differences between Elise and Grey. Grey was always ready to be on the move and learned to crawl, walk, talk very quickly. Elise has been less interested in those things and just likes to watch and smile at us. She has a very laid-back and sweet personality.

She still adores her brother. She lights up whenever she hears his voice or sees him. I love that they can play together now. She loves music and I catch her dancing to toys, in stores and any time she hears music or singing. She loves faces! She is constantly grabbing at eyes, noses, mouths and ears. It is cute--but kind of hurts sometimes. She is also constantly scratching everything with her fingernails. I think she must like the sound of it on different surfaces.

I feel so lucky to be a mother to my sweet children. Even through the absolute exhaustion and daily melt-downs (me included) I find an extreme amount of joy I never thought possible.


I think I need a break...

This movie made me laugh. It is so true. Being a parent of young kids can be so draining. When I started crying during the video though I realized I am in desperate need of a break!


Picnic at the Park

Spring is in the air! I packed up a picnic and walked the kids to the park. I let Grey play on the playground while I dozed and daydreamed on the blanket.... I love springtime!


My mom was on the airplane last night with the "bathroom smoker" but it started out with everyone thinking it was a possible terrorist attack. Needless to say it was an eventful night!

My stepdad arrived at the airport on time to pick up my mom and the status said the plane had landed. She never came and he waited and waited for almost an hour. Finally he called my sister to find out if she knew anything about it. Meanwhile breaking news started popping up about a DC-DEN flight involved in a possible terrorist attack. Um yeah... they were both freaking out a bit not knowing if my mom was okay! I didn't know about it at this point yet, luckily, because I probably would have driven out to the airport and been a crazy lady. None of the United employees were very helpful for my stepdad. They were rude and not giving him any answers. Finally my mom was able to call my stepdad briefly to let him know she was alright. It was a good thing she snuck her cell phone out of the plane!

So five hours later they finally made it back home and safe. I am so glad it ended up being something so harmless. It terrifies me to think about it being anything more.

My step-dad (Dave) and mom (Laura) have made their debuts in the news world with almost two paragraphs in this article. I'm surprised my step-dad didn't say something more along the lines of, "Did this guy have any brains at all? Smoking on an airplane and then joking about a shoe bomb?" Maybe he did and they didn't include it. Why isn't anyone talking about that?

My mom was sitting right behind the man in question. I guess the lady sitting next to him had brought up suspicion to the flight crew. She said he was very passive and didn't seem to pose a threat. She did say it was strange to land and be escorted off to the middle of nowhere with all the emergency vehicles just in case the plane blew up...


Better Late?

This month has flown by and I have been neglecting my blog. So I am playing some catch up starting with Easter!

We spent Easter weekend at the condo in the mountains. It was perfect. We relaxed with books and movies, went to the rec center pool, listened to conference and enjoyed having some family time.

Grey loved dying the Easter eggs--but his favorite part was putting the stickers on the eggs. Apparently it is difficult to make hard-boiled eggs at altitude because when I went to make egg salad, they were still a bit gooey. So we had to waste those and throw them out. :(

Jared & I hid way too many eggs in the basement at the condo for Grey. It was really fun this year with him. He had a blast finding them and then of course eating all the goodies inside! And yes he is wearing the same outfit--again. I took a new outfit for him every day, but every morning he put on this yellow shirt and red pants. Nice....

Checking out his new Ladybug Playground!

The obligatory chocolate bunny (I ate one of the ears--don't tell!)

Happy Easter

We are enjoying our Easter as we watch general conference with our little family. We are cozy by the fire, watching the snow fall and listening to our dear prophet and apostles. It could not be more perfect.

I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. He is everything and I will try every day of my life to follow His perfect example. I know that He lives!