Thanks to Jared's wonderful family, we went up to Steamboat Springs for a few days. They rented one house so we all got to be together. It was so much fun and Grey was very sad to leave all of his cousins! If you have never done the drive between Kremmling and Steamboat, you must! It is absolutely breathtaking. I wish I had stopped for photos.

Day 1: We spent most of the day at the hot springs--luckily they weren't all hot so I could get in. We swam laps, let Grey splash around and watched the others go down the big slides.

Jodie, Pam, Christina (and baby #2)

Day 2: Relaxing, reading and playing cards on a rainy day! Followed by some fishing in the rain that evening. 

Megan, Ryan & Grey fishing together

Pam teaching Ryan how to catch a fish

Grey & Ryan a little freaked out and confused by the catch!

To be continued...


New (used) Bike!

Jared brought home a little surprise for Grey -- his own bicycle! He loved riding it around and around. He will do anything to be just like his daddy.



Cross your fingers! I think we finally got rid of the germs in our home. Jared brought home a nice, little bug over a week ago and then Grey caught it--got better--and got worse again. I ended up getting something else totally random in the midst of it all. Needless to say we have been cooped up, spraying Lysol and doing 10 loads of laundry a day. Let me clarify--I have been doing 10 loads of laundry a day (okay I am exaggerated a bit, but I am 32 weeks pregnant going up and down the stairs constantly). So let's hope for lots of park and pool days this next week and no more GERMS!



As you might know, Jared is training for an olympic distance triathlon coming up in a few weeks. He went up to bike some hills, so Grey & I tagged along to enjoy Boulder.


wandering the farmer's market
(photo: pachamamafarm)

playing by the river

people watching, playing and shopping on pearl street

I can't wait for another one of Jared's rides so we can go play again!


Potty Training Diaries: Month 5

We are now moving into MONTH FIVE of potty training. Remember this? After I got burned out on cleaning up messes, I gave up for a while... Then we had vacations and many more excuses not to start up again. We have continued on and I am proud to say I have found the secret to potty training. Forget the books and expert opinions...

This is the face of success!

Are you ready for the secret?

Get pregnant.

Remind your child to go every time you have to go.

It is the perfect plan! So far it is working...

(oh--stickers and jelly beans help too)



It is really taking me a LONG time to get back to life after our vacation a month ago... This pregnancy thing is definitely wearing me out! I now have 31 weeks down and 9 weeks to go. I was 2 weeks early with Grey so I really hope this baby girl follows suit. Bending down, shaving my legs and pretty much just moving is getting a little difficult already.

31 weeks