Cousins Addie & Ryan came to have a sleepover at our house and it was so cute. Addie adores Elise and I caught them skipping and holding hands while we were walking to the park.
Ryan & Grey played soccer for a while together.
I also caught Ryan & Grey taking selfies with his camera. Too young for that!!
Grey had his first sleepover with a friend. We typically don't allow sleepovers with friends but we allowed for an exception with our neighbor across the street. After Grey left, I found this little note on my pillow. He is such a sweet boy.
 And also kind of crazy. :) I think he is wearing some sort of face mask here??


Wandry Girls Weekend

My father-in-law is so great and suggested we change our annual girls weekend to a bi-annual weekend. So now we get to go in the spring and fall. It was absolutely perfect as always. I am so lucky to be a part of this wonderful family. We ate yummy food, watched a movie, went to the farmer's market, played cards, went for a run and walk, went shopping at the outlets and talked & laughed a lot.
Starting things off right with Mexican food
 This girl was so happy the whole time
 Grandma & Vanessa snuggles. She got a LOT of attention.

Jared sent me these pictures while I was gone. I sure am lucky to have him. He takes good care of our family! Also the picture of the snake was because they found it at the park by our house. He told me how he was trying to pick it up to show the kids better and it kept rearing up and hissing at him. Um yeah. Only a dad.


Soccer Girl

Elise came to me about a month ago and told me she wanted to play soccer. I jumped on it! She is such a girly girl that I was thrilled she wanted to try something outside of dance. Of course she has a pink ball and pink everything. She is so cute out there and gets in there with the boys. I am proud of her.

First practice was about 10 minutes before this scary storm rolled in and started dumping hail on us.



We had a wonderful trip to Steamboat with my mom and stepdad. It was such a special time together and we stayed one door down so the kids had a blast running back and forth. My mom was so cute and had a little sleepover with them and had them over for french toast or to play in her bath tub. I just loved every minute! Plus I am in love with Steamboat. We are already planning another trip back together (but with heather & jason this time) next summer.

We did a lot of walks and wandered by the river to throw rocks & sticks in. The river was running fast & high!
 A neat old train. Cole was in heaven...
 Of course we spent a day at the hot springs. We opted for the city one since it has a splash pad and tons of fun pools for the little ones.
Grey back-floating and Jared trying to teach Elise to swim--still.
 The infamous horse. Here the Grey the last time we were in Steamboat. How did he grow up so much?!!
 Ice cream & candy on main street
 They took turns sharing a bed and each night Cole was snuggled or holding hands with Grey and Elise. I love it!
 Fish Creek Falls
We hurried past the scary river and hiked up the mountain for a couple of miles. So beautiful.
 Jared with Cole and my mom with Elise
 Grey has reached the "weird smile" phase
 Vanessa was absolutely perfect on her first hike. She slept most of the time.
 Cole watching the fish, pond skaters and kayakers with Grandma
Can't wait for next year!


Random Happenings

My mom bought Greyden his first suit. I think he grew up five years when he put it on.

And Cole just cracks me up. My mom bought him this outfit too.

Teaching Elise how to change diapers

Lots of baby wearing to get things done

 My sister had her adorable baby boy Ryan 3 weeks and 1 day after Vanessa was born. I still haven't met the little sweetheart. :(

 Family walks and adventures (my favorite thing ever!)

 Zoo trips - Cole is terrified of the fake orangutan at the aquarium so I made him get a picture by a real one. He was very nervous.

 Elise had an end-of-year tap & ballet recital

Park Date with my dear high school friends & saying goodbye to Jenn... :(

 A sleepover with my girls while the boys were off camping in the rain. I think I got the best end of the deal.

 Vanessa relaxing on the top bunk with Grey

 Library story time and play with friends

 Rockies Game with Grey's friend Cooper!

Story time with big brother
 A nature walk near our house
 I turned 33 somewhere in there... It has been a blur lately. The kids picked out some gorgeous tanzanite jewelry and a delicious ice cream cake. Jared also started an amazing journal instead of cards where he and the kids wrote me beautiful notes and drew pictures. It was incredible. I love being a mom & wife!
Grey met Julius Thomas from the Broncos. He was so happy!