Other random happenings...

A warm day at the park flying paper airplanes

Grey's apology note to his teacher after getting in trouble
"To: Mrs. Williams. I am sorry that I was being mean to Endy. Everyone makes mistakes."
Hahaha... I thought his disclaimer at the end was funny.

Playing Connect 4 in the window on a beautiful day

Sleeping like this:

Grey requesting to make his own lunches (turkey wrap and apples)

Elise doesn't just "ride" her scooter. She dances.

A little (red from crying) love bug for Valentine's Day

Cole found his baby binky and apparently loves it. Time to hide them well.

A Mommy & G date ice skating that ended with an unexpected hockey game. A blast!!

Ski Trip

Jared took Grey overnight to go skiing. They had such a great time and were able to ski with two cousins, an uncle and friends. It was also the first time he has skied with poles so Grey was pretty excited.

Grey made this cute heart note for Jared before leaving. He is so sweet. "I <3 better="" dad.="" dog.="" feel="" g="" greyden="" hope="" i="" just="" know="" love="" me="" or="" p="" skiing.="" skiing="" so="" taking="" you="">

Skiing WITH poles!

And I got to snuggle this sweetheart for the night while they were gone.



We finally had a decent snow here. Unfortunately we had to go out for church only to have it end super early. Although Jared & I were scheduled to speak and got out of it... We baked cookies, drank hot chocolate, played in the snow with neighbors and went sledding at the end of our block. Such a fun afternoon!

Elise and Sabrina (born 1 day apart)
 The sledding train

Here are Grey & Elise sledding together

Another tooth

Grey got a little orange tooth holder at the dentist and was so excited to use it for his second loose tooth. One day after school he was so excited because it was ready and begged me to pull it out. I kept asking him to wait for Jared, but he was too excited. So I mustered all of my courage and after a few tries, I popped that tooth out.
A little stunned...

He posed like this. Weird.

So I made him pose again.



I did it! I have been waiting for years to have my eyes stop changing so I could do the surgery. They finally stabilized for three years and I found out my awesome next door neighbor is one of the top LASIK doctors here. I knew he did cataract surgery because he did my mom's but I didn't realize he does LASIK as well. I took the plunge, wore my glasses for two weeks (which was pretty much torture) and now can see almost perfectly without glasses or contacts. It is truly a miracle. The first week afterwards I was paranoid I ruined my eyes and I was going to be one of the statistics who can't see, etc. etc. But luckily they cleared up after a week and I am SO happy!!

Getting ready for my exam


A super attractive picture of me wearing the super cool goggles I got to wear for a couple days and four nights. I look like I should be playing racquetball or something which is kind of the same as reflecting three kids' hands and body parts.

A quick video Jared took of the surgery while the dr. cut the flap I think. It was kind of scary--but luckily super quick!!

Allie & P Visit

I count down the days until my sister comes to town. I miss her SO much!! She came to town in January. We surprised my dad to celebrate his 60th birthday and of course we played a bit too.

We spent an awesome day at the Children's Museum. I took Grey out of school because I couldn't stand for him to miss out on our fun family time.

At the fire truck
Allie's cop daddy is not going to like her dressed up like a firefighter
 Cole with grandpa
The bubble room was a HIT--Cole especially loved it
Grocery Shopping

And the cousins were a little bugged with each other by the end... A long day!

We wore those kids out while P & Allie were here!


This year I have made a goal of Tuesdays being our fun play day. One day we went to Apex Rec Center with some friends. It was amazing! I cannot wait to go back--this time hopefully with 
Jared's help. Cole is absolutely insane in the water with no fear. Luckily Grey had the day off school so he could actually come do something fun with us!
They were exhausted...

Mommy & G Date

I took Grey on a Mommy/G date of his choosing. He picked roller skating and frozen yogurt. I thought it would be a blast. And it was, but I didn't realize how hard it would be to teach someone how to balance on roller skates. He was slipping all over the place and it took a good 20 minutes to go around one time. Poor thing. In the end he LOVED it and can't wait to go again. I loved roller-dancing to the music. hahaha. Takes me back to my skate city middle school days.


Well let me tell you about the last couple of months. I have been missing on here for good reason... I swear! It began with my laptop dying shortly after Christmas. Straight up dying without any warning. I had backed it up on Christmas Eve but unfortunately lost everything from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So then we had to go through the decisions of whether to fix my laptop or get a new computer. I took apart my laptop myself and tried to retrieve the data on the hard drive to no avail. We ended up getting a family desktop. I absolutely adore it...  but it took a while to get it all put together. My sister and Allie came to town. Then I had LASIK surgery which had me freaking out for a week that I had ruined my eyes. Then I was able to see clearly again and all is great! Oh and there were multiple illnesses throughout the family stuck in the middle of all of that.

My laptop in the middle of my project. Sad. :(

Now on this snowy, blustery day I can sit down and catch up on the last two months that I have neglected. As I recap, I will leave you with Grey's New Year's Resolution: "I resolve to play video games one day a week." Interesting resolution as we do not own video games. So he has not been able to keep that resolve. He cracks me up.