Life Unexpected

I love birthdays. I look forward to them all year. I love having that one day a year just for me when I can have fun without feeling guilty about skipping out on my list.

My big, special birthday plans did not go as planned. at. all.

Might I begin this with the furnace breaking yesterday and then sitting around for 3 hours for an extremely, painfully expensive fix.

And onto today's events...

Yummy breakfast with a friend & a walk at the park

2 sad, very needy, crying kids with super high fevers

Relaxing "me" day working out, shopping, eating and lounging on a blanket at the park

See above. Stuck at home all day. Trying to keep them somewhat comfortable and happy. Nothing left for me-time.

A surprise date night with Jared in my little black dress

A nervous trip to the hospital resulting in an overnight stay in a scuzzy hospital gown
(ps. Everything looks totally FINE--needed to keep monitoring sweet baby boy)

A delicious dinner at a yummy restaurant (that I still don't know where it was going to be)

Eating Cafe Rio all by myself at 8:30 at night on a {most-likely} germ-infested tray table

Ending my night with a generous helping of birthday cake

Scrounging up a box of Junior Mints to hold off my hunger from skipping dinner
I demand a make-up birthday! It really is a little humorous. At least I have Vegas to look forward too.... Then I can really go wild! hahaha....


Jason and Heather said...

So sad that you do have to laugh a little. I'm so happy you and baby boy are okay!!! That was scary for a little while. I love whyou and you so deserve a make-up bday!!

Jennifer said...

Sorry, but I had to laugh. Life is crazy when you're grown up. Huh? Glad baby boy is okay. Hope you get a makeup day soon!!!

Chera said...

Happy birthday Christina! I am sorry you had such an eventful day on your birthday :) Grey is looking so handsome and grown up these days. And Elise's hair has really grown. I'm glad she got some of those curls.

Anonymous said...

You need a mulligan! I would definitely demand a birthday do-over.

Charitons said...

Oh my goodness! Yesterday must've been a bad luck day all over. You deserve a re-do. Hope your kids get over the fevers quickly.

Natalie Jane said...

This is awesome! Why does this always seem to be the way of motherhood?

thanks for linking up!