Craving Spring!

I am ready for spring!! This time of year always teases us with the perfect 60 degree, sunny days and then dumps snow on us. I am ready to open my windows, play in the back yard and go to the zoo. I have been pulling out all of our spring clothes hoping it will hurry it along... Think it will work?

Early Easter

The weekend before Easter brought us a fun-filled day of
egg hunts

We spent the morning at our ward Easter party. Lots of food and candy--it was tough to reign in Greyden & Jared on the candy consumption! Grey woke up that morning and told me he was ready for the Easter egg hunt and for chocolate and jelly beans.

The afternoon was spent with Jared's family for a delicious Easter feast and yet another egg hunt. Elise even got in on some of the action.

I love this time when we are able to reflect on the resurrection of our Savior. I am grateful for his sacrifice and love for each of us.
Enjoy your Easter!


8 wonderful months

I cannot believe my baby girl is EIGHT months old today. Kind of discouraging that we are eight months in and I still don't have the two-kid thing down. But she is just so sweet and I can't get enough of her!

Her little smile melts my heart--I am constantly putting off my to-do list just so I can get her to laugh. She absolutely adores Grey and lights up every time she hears or sees him. He can get her to giggle harder than anyone. I love it!

I guess this perfect baby has to have some flaws---she is still not sleeping through the night and I am SO tired! We have been trying to let her cry it out the last few nights, but it hasn't worked just yet. Plus she is so tiny I want her to eat tons and fatten up!

Poor baby still has no teeth, but I swear she has been teething for the past month. She is still not too sure about food besides squash and all fruits. She yells/barks at me if I don't feed her fast enough.

At eight months, she is finally sitting up! I was starting to wonder... 

Thank you Elise for bringing us 8 months of JOY!


The never-ending pile

Today was laundry day for clothes.


For the second time in the past week.

This is probably nothing for you seasoned mothers out there. I cannot keep up on clothes AND towels AND bedding AND everything else... What are your secrets to clean, ironed, put-away, happy clothes? No seriously, I need help!

My helper-just because she was being so cute. And yes, she is in Halloween PJ's for the second day in a row.


Bath Time!

2 naked babies sittin' in the tub

Calling Dr. G

The weather has been fantastic and Grey has spent every sunny moment in the backyard. I looked outside to find Grey playing doctor with the hose attachments on Porter. It was too cute.

First he listened to his heartbeat...

Then he had to look in his ears to make sure they were healthy.


Let's go fly a kite...

ps-his favorite part was watching it crash into the ground.
pps-when is it going to be green and pretty again? :(