8 years ago I married my sweetheart. The longer I am married, the more I realize the weight of that decision. Not that I took it lightly at the time, but with age comes more wisdom. In our few years together, I've learned that he is my constant in this world full of change. I will do anything to fill him with joy and happiness and vice versa. He has become a part of every aspect in my life. That kind of relationship is unbelievably fulfilling--and a little bit terrifying. Not that we haven't had our battles--but those tough times have somehow made us stronger--if for no other reason than being committed to each other and our ultimate purpose.

Above all, I am grateful today that at 22 years old I was somehow wise enough to say yes to Jared and that everything came together at the right time for him to be ready to marry me.

Apparently we should be celebrating our 8 years of marriage with bronze. Instead we toasted to ourselves with sparkling apple cider and shared chocolate-covered strawberries with the kids. And we have a yummy Mataam Fez evening coming up.

Cheers to EIGHT years lover! And to forever...

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Jason and Heather said...

You guys are so cute!