I love Dillon!

Apparently I lost an entire month on the blog! Whoops... We have been sick a lot this past month---and prepping for CHRISTMAS!

The first weekend I went up to the mountains with the girls in Jared's family for a VERY quick getaway. It was fabulous of course--full of lots of food, chatting and card games. I am one lucky lady to be a part of that family.

Pam & I playing Nertz:

The next weekend I went back with just my little family. The perfect, relaxing weekend came just in time before I melted down from stress. A few highlights:

Swimming & working out at the rec center.
Cole loved splashing around!

Taking showers where I actually shaved my legs AND washed my hair. Unheard of these days.

Lots of lazy afternoon and morning naps.

Eating way too many dark chocolate covered acai berries.

A steady flow of movies and popcorn.

Playing Uno.

And lots of relaxing...



Elise was throwing up the whole evening before, so we were thrilled that she felt well enough in time for a little Halloween fun. We walked up to Gaylord St., as we do every year, then did a little trick-or-treating on the way back. We have enough candy to last until next year. Ugh.

When we got home, Grey said he was grateful for the warm soup because he was cold but that he was feeling very sad that Halloween is over. We had to talk about all the fun upcoming holidays so he wouldn't be down.


All ready to go! I am a terrible/exhausted mom and did not dress up Cole for this event. I dressed myself up but spent the evening nursing at a back table, so no pictures of me this year!
This is how our ward does the trunk-or-treat.... Line up in doorways around the hallway and let the kids run around and around. We have very few kids in the ward, a four story building and small parking garage underneath.
Baby Allie's first candy. Although I am sure Grey or Elise ended up with it.


New Cousins

I finally got to meet my sweet niece, Allie. My sister had her baby girl exactly one week after Cole was born. It has been so fun going through it all together. We found out that we were pregnant on the same day and have gone (and are going) through every stage together. Cole and Allie are going to be best friends! I cried a little seeing my cute little sister as a mom. Life is truly amazing.

Boys in Capes

Grey's party was SO much fun for me! His request was for a party with ALL of the superheroes--Ironman, Thor, Spiderman, Batman, etc., etc. So it was a mix of everything. I made little capes for everyone that came and had them decorate with their initials and various shapes.

Before the other superheroes arrived

After getting their capes and masks, they jumped in the bounce house, ate pizza and played in the back yard. 

Even superheroes need to refuel.


We finished the evening with a couple superhero books.
It was such a fun night. I was glad my mom and stepdad were there to help Jared & I. It was absolutely crazy!

Birthday Boy

Being five is so much better than being four according to Grey. He giggled about how fun it was to be five all day long. Until the doctor appointment and FOUR shots. Poor guy. He is 49 lbs and 46 inches which puts him in the 90th% for weight and 95th% for height. Which is why this kid can't make it through a season without pants turning into high-waters.
As has become tradition, I decorated the room with streamers and balloons for him to wake up to and piled up his gifts on the table. As soon as he woke up, he opened his family gifts. After I took my me-time at the gym, we went to pick up cookies for the school celebration and a special superhero balloon for the party.

Up next... the superhero birthday party!