Easter Fun

The club that I teach at had the BEST Easter celebration for kids on Saturday. There were games, prizes, a bounce house, face-painting, a clown magic show, a visit from the Easter bunny, balloon animals/toys, cookies and of course an Easter Egg Hunt. We took advantage of every bit of it. Apologies again for the iphone pics--I keep forgetting the camera. I know they are terrible...



My happiest moments in life are spent with my little family. I can't get enough of it and there is nowhere else I would rather be!

Jared got a day off work last week to spend with us.

We took advantage by going to our favorite lunch spot--Sweet Tomatoes--and finishing up with some yummy frozen yogurt.

Back for naps and relaxing...

Then meeting cousins to use the Build-a-Bear Easter gift card and play on the playground at the mall.



For the grandparents

Disclaimer: This will bore pretty much everyone besides the grandparents and doting aunts & uncles.

Grey loves working out and working his muscles. Hence the muscle shirt he tries to wear all spring/summer/fall long. He is currently obsessed with pushups and wants to do them every night before bed. Here he set up some blocks to line up his hands and feet and wanted me to film him so he could watch himself. What a crack-up!

And dancing to his favorite song "Apologize." This song plays over and over and over. We are trying to get him onto a new song but he always comes back to this one. Although, he heard Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" on the radio so I picked up the Miami Vice Soundtrack for him at the library. He loves the whole CD.

Mini Muffins

Now that I am well past the beginning/early pregnancy junk, I am much more anxious to cook and bake new recipes. Just in time for the third trimester exhaustion to kick in... I will try to share the good ones with you.

I came across this recipe and it turned out to be extremely quick, easy and yummy. They have a more chewy than bread-like texture because of the yogurt and are very light flavored. The kids love them and they make a great, healthy snack.

Oatmeal-Yogurt Mini Muffins
adapted from Dannon

1 egg
2 tbsp canola oil
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup yogurt
(I used 1/2 Fage 0% Greek & 1/2 Mountain High lowfat vanilla)
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup craisins (or raisins)

Preheat oven to 375. In a medium bowl, blend the egg, oil, vanilla and yogurt together. Add the rest of the ingredients except the craisins. Blend together. Can add a splash or two of milk if it feels too thick. It really depends on the kind of yogurt you are using. Fold in the craisins.

Spoon into mini muffin tins that have been sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Makes about 24-28 muffins. Best part about it---very lowfat with only 60 calories per muffin!!!



Remember this? Pop!

Well, things are growing.... Apparently this baby boy is about a foot long now and just over a pound. I am just about 2/3 of the way done with this pregnancy.
Six months

People don't lie when they say the third pregnancy FLIES by. I just don't have the time or brainpower to think much about it. Part of me is so excited and cannot wait to snuggle this little guy and the other part of me is terrified. THREE kids. That seems like quite the handful. Especially as I sit by myself through church with two kids fighting over who sits on my lap or who gets my arm. And how will I ever leave the house?

But then I think of that soft, warm newborn snuggled up against my bare chest with that sweet newborn scent and my worries can hold off a bit. This little boy is going to be so loved.


Boats & Beds

I keep finding Grey & Elise in random boxes around the house. They are taking their boats to Mexico apparently. Grey's essential items are his hammer and jaguar stuffed animal. Elise always takes her baby and sippy cup.

Tonight is the first attempt at the toddler bed. The first hour I kept hearing her little pitter-patter footprints wandering around the house and tucking her back in bed. I finally threatened the crib and she fell right asleep. Poor Grey kept singing to her and begging her to go to sleep because he was so tired. Wish us luck that she stays in there through the night!! Things around the house are s-l-o-w-l-y coming together...

Karate Kid

I got a deal for a month of karate classes so I had to jump on it before baby 3 comes. Today was Grey's first day and it was the most adorable thing EVER. I remember doing karate as a kid and absolutely loved it. So I was excited for him to try it out. He loved it. And the uniform looked way too cute on him.

Apologies for the poor iphone pics--lighting was terrible in there.

Showing me his high block


White Foxes

Soccer season is here again! Grey has been counting down for months since we signed him up. He couldn't sleep the night before and woke up super early getting dressed in his running shorts, workout tee and shin guards before we were even out of bed. Soccer didn't start until 11:30. Poor guy was worn out from excitement by the time it started. But absolutely loved it!

Unfortunately he got put on a team of whiners. Most of the kids were screaming, crying, sucking their thumbs and throwing massive fits. These are 4 and 5 year-olds. I don't know what was going on... It was ridiculous. I am hoping the next few weeks will actually give him a chance to learn something.

The newest White Fox:

Elise wanted to "take pictures" too

Check out the skillz...


Moving rooms

With the impending arrival of a new little one, poor Elise is going to be displaced shortly. Our home is in complete disarray as we move pretty much every single room around.

We have decided to have Elise share a room with Grey. Our rooms are so small, so we got her a little toddler bed to put near Grey's bed. I got it all set up and they both are so excited!!! They have been snuggling on there constantly reading books to each other. Grey is so excited to have her in there with him. They both have been asking every night if she can sleep in there. But the bedding is taking FOREVER to get here. I don't know what to expect with her--she is quite the wanderer and I just hope she will stay in her bed.


A few months ago...

I finally got pictures from the week when my sister came to visit in February. I loved having her here and spending time with her--although it made me even more sad that she is so far away. We had a BLAST! I think I wore her out running around with the kids all day...

We lucked out with gorgeous 70-degree days and took full advantage by:

Going to the zoo,

Riding the train there &

Eating the yummy ice cream & cotton candy.

Heather & Grey napped.

The kids took a lot of baths after playing so much.

We met at my mom's office with bags full of Heidi's sandwiches and ate it all! Two pregnant women can eat plenty.

We compared our preggers bellies a lot--THREE days apart. So much fun!

And we went to the park to play and play.

Come back soon P!!!