Mother's Day

Mother's Day is not quite the relaxing, day of rest like I had always hoped. It started off wonderfully with a dozen, GORGEOUS, red roses and candy from J. Then it pretty much went downhill for quite some time. Jared is gone all morning with meetings so I get the kids ready for church. For some reason, they sensed that I really wanted a relaxing day, so they filled in with tons of fighting, whining and crying. I taught Relief Society which was fine, but a little stressful. Sacrament is last for us and the kids were extra difficult. Elise was hitting Grey in the head with her water bottle, smacking, crying, having a dirty diaper. Grey was crying, whining and begging to go home. I should have just left!

Luckily, my mom, step-dad, brother and his girlfriend came to dinner at our house which was wonderful. I love, love, love my mama! She has been such an example and source of strength to me throughout my life and I wanted to honor her in some small way.

When do kids start being really sweet to their moms and making them breakfast in bed?

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