Mountain Getaway

Since we missed our entire mountain getaway over Christmas break, we went up for the long weekend in January. It was only three days, but it was plenty of time and just enough fresh mountain air to feel replenished again.
 I was not on this walk on the iced over lake or I would have been freaking out!


Paint Night

We got Joanne a gift for a paint night out with us for her birthday. I always love to give gifts that we can enjoy together. :) I am lucky to be in a family that I love to hang out with.
I think they all turned out pretty great!



Thanks to Aunt P & Uncle Joey we got to take the kids to Build-a-Bear. They each got to splurge and got bears that suit their personalities perfectly.
Elise: Sparkly purple rabbit in an Elsa dress
Cole: Spiderman bear with a light-up light saber
Grey: Bear in the full Broncos getup