A little R&R

We just got back from a long weekend in Dillon. It is amazing how relaxing it is in the mountains. I read an entire book, we watched 5 movies, rode bikes, went on walks and seemed to fit in all kinds of things in just 4 days. Thanks to Joanne, we also got a date night out to see The Dark Knight! So great!!!
Testing out the cold river
At the lake in Keystone to feed to ducks & fish
We rode bikes to the Frisco marina to check out the boats
Grey loved making & eating pizza



Heather & Jason came for a visit this past weekend. It is always a quick trip, but so much fun! We roasted marshmallows in our back yard and made smores the first night. Then on Saturday we had a BBQ at Mom & Dave's. Come back again SOON!!!
Grey loves to pull luggage aroundThe little stud in his sunglassesHeather, Bryan & Christina (ALL the siblings!)



Grey has an OBSESSION with waffles lately. I gave him a waffle once and he learned the word right away and asks for it at every meal and snack. He runs around in circles yelling WAFFLE repeatedly and jumping up and down. I have no idea why he loves them so much! Lucky for me he will eat my no-sugar, whole grain waffles...


Waterworld Party

Today was our annual Waterworld Birthday party. I feel like such a kid when I get there. I want to run around and get on every ride. I want to go back again tomorrow! Grey slept a lot of the time, but he loved being with his cute cousins.

Doesn't Addie have the cutest little face?

Grandma & Megan

Greyden loved hanging out in the chairs with the big kids

Some of the group taking a break on the big tubes


On Monday Grey and I drove down to spend the day in Colorado Springs with my brother. We went to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo first and WOW it was incredible!!! If you haven't ever been, you must go. It is like no other zoo I have ever been to. When we walked in there was an area below us full of giraffes that you can feed. You can touch their cute noses. I made friends with one of them.

They had a cute little play area for kids. Grey liked the fake tree trunk with spider webs.There is also a petting area where the kids can play with bunnies. Grey LOVED this one bunny. He was trying to give it hugs and kisses.

After the zoo we went to the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun. I have no idea what it is, but it has an incredible view of the city.

Thanks Bryan for a FUN day!!!


Late Happy 4th

I am so grateful for a holiday to celebrate our amazing country! We are so blessed to live here (even with all the irritating political/economical issues). We can sit and whine about all the problems with our country, but bottom line is we have so much more than we could ever want here. We have so many freedoms, plenty of food and clean water, exceptional health care available, opportunity at every turn and the list goes on and on. I guess I just want to say I am proud to be an AMERICAN! :)

We went over to Wash Park for their little celebration. It was so cute! Everyone brought picnic lunches while the kids decorated their tricycles and bikes. Then they had a parade of the bikes. They had the mounted police, a fire truck, toys, and free ice cream. It was really fun, but so hot I thought I was going to die! Poor Grey was exhausted and passed out on our way home. That night we had some friends over to BBQ on our new patio and firepit. YAY! We are in the process of re-landscaping mostly by ourselves so it is VERY slow-going. We made smores and played with the legal stuff like poppers.
Jared & Grey getting some relief in the shadeThe bike/trike paradeSo tired, but still holding his new pinwheel and pretzels.Ryan and Greyden LOVED the fire. Yes they must be boys!