A Problem in Paradise

Luckily I have free internet here, so I can still stay connected! As you know, Florida has very high humidity. I love everything about it except for my hair! Have any of you seen this episode of Friends where Monica's hair reacts to the humidity in Barbados? Um, yeah. Mine is getting suprisingly close to that.

Okay... here is the best photo I could get. This is my hair AFTER blowdrying it straight & using a really hot flat iron. It just would not get straight as hard as I tried. I'll post my Florida pictures soon.


I'm off...

to paradise! 5 days of not being mommy! 5 days of books, beach, movies and naps. My mom has a business trip to Sanibel Island in Florida and I'm going with her. I can't wait to be selfish and do whatever I want. Is that bad of me? I am actually excited for the first time in my life to travel on an airplane. I can just sit, eat snacks and not have to try to contain a one-year old. Don't get me wrong... I love my child. I'm just ready for a little refresher.

A late Thanksgiving

I have a few pictures from our Thanksgiving week. Jared got to be home from Wednesday on. It was such a nice, family-filled, relaxing week. We had an early Thanksgiving dinner with most of my extended family on Wednesday. This is my grandma with a funny looking Greyden.
Thanksgiving Day we ran the Turkey Trot. It has become our tradition. Three years in a row so far (2 for Grey)... It was FREEZING! Notice how bundled up we are.After the run we headed over to have dinner with Jared's family. Here's Greyden with his cute bib from Jodie & ready to eat! Notice the black eye? :(



Is this year's Christmas card going to be a repeat of last year's? Apparently he hates having his picture taken.


First (or second) Snow

I LOVE SNOW!!! We had a weak snowstorm last month, so it didn't really count. This week it has been so cold & snowy and I love it. It gets me so excited for a holiday season of fires, hot chocolates, warm blankets and my warm hubby.
I put some hot chocolate in our cocoa-latte (BEST thing ever!) and we went outside to play with the dogs. Greyden got all bundled up in his new snowsuit thanks to Grandma & Grandpa K. It was perfect for a long Thanksgiving weekend at home.



Trouble, Generations & The Dancing G

I have been such a slacker at keeping this updated lately. I apologize to my fans out there! :) There hasn't been much free time for anything lately. Hopefully we will be able to relax with the holidays coming up... probably not. Here are a few things that have been going on around here lately:

I have been rearranging Grey's room to make room for the toys we seem to be accumulating quickly. This is one of my projects I have been working on to get the books off the floor. I have a few other things waiting to be painted. Someday...
Last week I was in the other room working and noticed that things had gotten very quiet in Grey's room. I have learned that when there is no noise there is trouble. Sure enough he had found a red marker and decided to play with it and eat it! I wish I could show you the red marker spots all over the hardwoods along with his hands, clothes and face. This photo will have to do:
Greyden is the only great grandchild on my side. He is so blessed to have been able to meet every great grandparent of his. It is a very rare situation. My amazing grandparents came to town a few days ago and Greyden got to see them. My grandpa came over with my mom to get some FUN playtime in.
Lastly, Greyden has started dancing to his toy airplane that sings a little song. It is quite catchy. I find myself singing it most of the day. Jared put the dancing into a little video for your viewing pleasure.


Welcome Baby Addison!

Our adorable new niece is here! Pam & Jason welcomed Addison last night. She was 5 pounds 15 ounces and 18 inches long. We got to visit them right after she was born and she is just so tiny and beautiful. Congratulations!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This year was Greyden's first real halloween. We went to Gaylord St. to trick or treat at the shops. They shut down the block, play halloween music, have a haunted alleyway and all the shops hand out candy. It was so fun to see all the cute kids dressed up. Grandma & Grandpa K, Pam, Jason & Ryan all met up with us there. Ryan was the cutest little dragon ever.

After that we went down to Highlands Ranch and did some trick or treating with the cousins. I felt weird getting candy which they probably knew I was going to eat. I did give Greyden a mini M&M. As soon as Jared & I got home we split it up between the two of us. hehehe!