10 pounder

My baby girl is 2 months old. I keep waiting for things to be difficult with her. But this is a completely different experience than with Grey. It has been nice to enjoy the newborn stage. Grey screamed for 6 months, so this has been a very pleasant change.

She is just starting to smile and it melts my heart. She loves her big brother and will sit and stare at him while he sings ABC's to her or puts cars in her hands. Yesterday during her shots he held her hand and said, "shhhh..." to calm her down. They are going to have such a sweet relationship (until the sharing problem begins). The doctor said she is "thriving" and catching up from her tiny start. YAY!

I couldn't pick my favorite picture, so I went with all three.

Labor Day

I'm a little bit behind here on this post... Time is going very quickly and I'm not getting much done besides taking care of kids! We spent a nice, long weekend up in Dillon for Labor Day. It was so great to be together as a family and relax. I got through three books while we were there. Fabulous (and rare)!

First day we went to the Dillon Farmer's Market and tested food at almost every booth. Best purchases were Primo Raspberry Habanero jam (repeat customers) and White Girl Salsa. Grey tried everything we did. It was pretty cute.

The next day we went to the Taste of Keystone for even more food! Jared took Grey out on a pedal boat to feed the fish and ducks. As you can tell, he loved his first boat ride.

We took advantage of long walks, taking Grey to the playground and driving to Hoosier Pass. I am ready to go back.