This is going to be the longest post ever, but so much has happened and it is just kind of hilarious the kind of week it was. After my latest post, I spent the night at the hospital and wasn't able to be discharged until evening the next day. It was a long, lonely day just waiting to get in for an ultrasound so they would discharge me. There was nothing that showed up in the ultrasound, so they sent me home to meet with my doctor again the next day. It was such a relief, especially with Grey still running a very high fever.

The excitement did not end yet.... Friday morning at 6am I woke up abruptly to Grey coughing like he does before he throws up. I ran into the kitchen, grabbed a bowl and rushed it into his room to catch it. Unfortunately it wasn't vomit--He started coughing up BLOOD! And it was no tiny amount. I started yelling for Jared and freaking out. I ran back to our bedroom so I could panic without scaring Grey and call the doctor. It was forever waiting for the doctor to call back. Luckily it only happened the one time so they had me wait and take him in when the doctor's office opened. It had been a stressful and emotional week and this incident pushed me over the edge. I am sure Jared thought I completely lost it--I could not stop sobbing for a couple hours. Just the feeling of complete loss of control and not being able to take care of Grey or this little baby. Jared had a early meeting, so luckily his mom came to be with me. I could not handle being alone... and she took good excellent care of me!

Fast forward to anxiously waiting for Grey's appointment. Good news finally! I guess this happens in single incidences occasionally in kids. As long as it is only once it is most likely irritated tissue in the throat from the swollen glands/sore throat. So grateful and so strange.

Then my doctor appointment was good news as well. She just wants me to take it extra-easy again (no exercise AGAIN argh! & have to take a leave from teaching my kid fitness classes) for at least a couple weeks and re-evaluate at my next appointment.

Friday night Jared & I were just hanging out before bed. He sneezed and had some crazy allergic  reaction where his throat and nose swelled shut. He started wheezing and couldn't hardly swallow. My first thought was that we were going to have to deal with doctors and hospitals AGAIN. My body cannot handle this stress! Luckily after I gave him my inhaler (I know--illegal!) he was able to at least breathe again.

Needless to say I was looking forward to my make-up birthday date with Jared on Saturday night!

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Charitons said...

Poor girl! I am so sorry it has been so crazy. You deserved Vegas and then some! Hope things are settling down.