Whew! What a fun, busy weekend. Saturday we celebrated family birthdays for Brooklynn, Jodie & me. I can't believe I'm almost 26! Time is just flying by... There was lots of food, chocolate cake, presents, fun AND a teapot pinata.

I'm up to bat.... I didn't break it open though.

The kids went crazy when the candy spilled out.

There was even an adult-sized toy for us to play with. See Jared on his mini-scooter?

Today was the Cherry Creek Sneak race. Jared, Pam, Greyden & I all ran the 5K together. Jared pushed the stroller so I actually got to run free. It was a blast! I even bought a new running skort & got to test it out. For those thinking of getting one... I highly recommend it.

Tired after his run. It's a lot of work playing in the stroller.


6 Long & Short Months

Greyden is 6 months old! Time has gone by so quickly in some ways but very slowly in others. I barely remember what it was like to be alone. Most the time I look at him & wonder where the "mother" is. I'm not mature enough to be a mom yet. :) Even on the bad days, he makes me smile. I am a sucker for that crooked grin...

I celebrated his birthday by going to the gym since he is finally old enough to go to the play place. Unfortunately my workout was cut short after 35 minutes when I heard my name being called over the intercom. Very embarrassing... At least he made it that long. I took him over while he was napping which apparently wasn't a good idea. I'm still learning.

He had his appointment yesterday and all the measurements. The doctor was a little surprised by his growth curve because I guess he doesn't have one. It wasn't worrisome, but very unusual. He is just all over the charts. This month his weight was the 30th%... height 75th%... and head 50th%.
My little Grey Love!

Zoo Day

The picture below was one of the happier moments of our first day at the zoo. Greyden fell asleep on the drive there and apparently wasn't quite rested enough. He screamed for about half an hour until I found a quiet spot where people weren't STARING at me in the indoor giraffe area. It was very embarrassing. Why do people stare at you when you're child is screaming? I always wonder if they think I'm hurting him in some way... So, he finally fell asleep and I was able to enjoy the zoo for a little while even if he wasn't interested.


Playing around

I've been taking an "available light" photography class and had an assignment due using natural light techniques. Poor Greyden gets to be my test model for all kinds of things. So, we went outside and tried a few of the techniques. We had a great time after the sun finally came out later this afternoon.

This one made me laugh!!!

He loves to be outside.



Lazy Saturdays

Saturday was oh-so wonderful. It was finally sunny and warm. For some reason the sunshine always puts Jared & I into project mode. Jared put in a flagstone pathway out front where the mailman is making a bare spot in our grass. I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning the house and the dogs. Unfortunately it put us both in bed with aching backs... We're getting OLD!Greyden wanted to help out in the yard.

Greyden has a TV problem. He ignores me and won't even blink when I have the TV turned on. He's his daddy's boy!


Happy (snowy) Easter

Easter started out perfectly with Greyden sleeping until 9! Plus I got beautiful roses from my L-O-V-E. He even picked out Easter colored flowers. I was very impressed. Thanks babe!

We went over to Grandma & Grandpa W.'s for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was indoors this year because of the crazy snowstorm. We tried to get Greyden to find the eggs, but he just wanted to watch everyone else run around. He was a little curious about a green one.

He was quite concerned and nervous about the noise and commotion going on around him. I'm sure next year's Easter will be very different. He will running around with the BIG kids.