Summer Birthdays

This week was our annual Waterworld party with Jared's family for the summer birthdays. It was really fun! Would have been more fun for me if I weren't less than 4 weeks from my due date and the swimsuits are getting a little snug, but I enjoyed floating in the wave pool.

This was the first time Grey has been daring and confident on everything. He would not stop all day. I guess those swim classes are paying off. I was proud of him, but lost him in the wave pool and started freaking out for a minute. He was in the deep end hanging onto the bars and getting overtaken by each wave. But apparently loving every minute. I guess he also went down a racing ride on a sled by himself too.
Derek, Grandma & Elise

Colin--the youngest grandkid for the next couple weeks
He is precious!

The grandkids waiting for the birthday cake

Two of the summer birthdays on the left--Elise & Ryan

Elise is one of the summer birthdays being celebrated and she got to open some presents. She was so cute ooohing and aaahing at everything. She is so sweet. I love my almost two-year-old!

A REAL BIG TREAT--our kids rarely get soda
Especially not soda with pizza AND chocolate cake--so they really enjoyed it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grandpa, Cindy, Pam, Ryan & Elise!!!

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Jason and Heather said...

Elise is so dang cute I could just munch on her! I won't, but I could.