Fun week

After Elise's birthday party, we had an awesome week (note sarcasm).

Tuesday Grey woke up with a super swollen ankle and calf. We thought it was a sprain from jumping in the jump house at the party. When I got home and looked closer that afternoon it looked more like a bug bite. We have some bad bug genes in our family, so I decided to have it checked out. Luckily it was just a bad reaction and hadn't turned into an infection or anything too scary.

Wednesday after spending time with a friend, we got home and Grey and Elise were both warm. I thought it was from the sun until he started vomiting all over the bathroom floor.

Thursday we found mouse poop in our kitchen and realized the mice were back. Had to clean and disinfect the house again.

Glad the baby waited almost another week to show up--get rid of the kid and mouse germs first.

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