Independence Day

We crammed A LOT into our holiday. It was awesome and so exhausting. I am paying for it today. I was grateful to sing all the patriotic songs at church the day before. I may or may not have teared up a few times. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for those that fought -- risking and losing lives and possessions -- for our freedoms. What an incredible gift they gave to us!!!

We spent the morning doing hair cuts for the boys, washing Jared's motorcycle and Grey's bicycle and doing stuff around the house. Then at 11 we headed over to Washington Park for their annual celebration. This year our kids were old enough for the first time that it was a blast--minus the insane heat!

They loved the horse-mounted patrol, face-painting, free lollipops and swag, and the "real" fire-truck.

We went to the decorating station to deck out Grey's bike and Elise's riding toy--her motorcycle-- to prep them for the kid's bike parade. Cutest thing ever. They loved it! Especially getting the winner ribbons and free ice cream at the end.

After Washington Park, we hurried home and got ready to head out to my dad's for a delicious BBQ. Forgot my camera of course. It was really fun to have a BBQ with family.

Again, we rushed home to get the kids ready for bed as much as possible before heading over to the fireworks at the Denver Country Club. We met up with Jason, Pam and their kiddos which made it even more fun. I LOVE fireworks! Always the best ending to the 4th.

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