Daddy & Son Camping

This was Grey's first camping trip and obviously I couldn't go, so Jared was in charge of pictures and telling me every little detail. I think it is pretty much the cutest thing ever. They had a blast--even with all the rain. And here is the play-by-play because I am sure you think it is as cute as I do. :)

Driving up--a little rainy

The campsite

Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows for s'mores

Breakfast of pancakes & eggs
(G was especially excited to have his own mess kit)

A hike through the forest
(G hoped they would make it to the "icy mountain")

Driving home with the fresh mountain air

Elise & I had our own fun. My mom & stepdad took us to Smashburger for dinner. Then Elise & I went to Michaels for crafty stuff before snuggling up in bed together for the night. When we woke up, I went to work and scrubbed down the house. Obviously it did not put me into labor. This baby is very happy and cozy in there apparently.


Jason and Heather said...

I adore every moment of this post!

Charitons said...

I keep thinking every post is going to be about the baby arriving! This was fun though ; )