Terrific Two's!

Two years ago today, we met our teeny, tiny, blonde baby girl.

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!
She is my

baby-(crazy) loving, greyden-following, sweet and spunky, people-watching, wandering, makeup-wearing (when I am not watching), princess dress and shoe-obsessed (especially super high heels)

little girly-girl (who must always have lipgloss on and toenails painted).

Oh how I love the incredible joy, excitement, fun and slight exhaustion she brings into our home. Happy birthday little monkey!


Jason and Heather said...

She was so tiny!!! I love those pictures of her all dressed up!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday little Princess!

Rachel said...

She is so precious!! Sounds like she is much like me as a kid! Miss you guys so much I can't wait to see you when I come home:)!