Birthday Celebrations

Elise got nice and spoiled this year for her birthday.

Saturday evening was our family celebration beginning with a trip to our favorite place for dinner--Sweet Tomatoes--with Grandpa Dave & Grandma Laura.

After filling up on salad, pizza, muffins and ice cream we headed over to Chuck E Cheese's for some play time. Elise did NOT like anything that moved, so Grey used most the tokens. But she ran around like crazy getting onto everything in the place.
 (notice my mom comforting Elise behind Grey--she freaked out as soon as it started moving)
 Opening gifts from Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt P & Uncle Joey

Monday morning--her actual birthday--we let her open our family gifts when she woke up. She got a baby set with a carrier, stroller, high chair, bottles, etc. She & Grey have been playing with them non-stop. I really hope it gives them their own baby to play with when the little guy comes!

That evening we had friends and grandparents over for cake and ice cream and to let the kids jump in the bounce house.

And the cake that caused the biggest disaster including a broken mixer whip flinging icing all over the kitchen, dripping and melting icing onto the floor and down the dishwasher in the hot kitchen, trying to cool the cake & icing in the the fridge and freezer and getting it all over, messing it up and having to redo a few petals. Whew! Glad I finished it...
 Elise wouldn't look at anyone when we were singing at her--then wouldn't blow the candles out.
 And her face after Grey stepped in to blow them out for her....

What a fun time to celebrate her second birthday. We adore her!


Angela Henderson said...

Awesome cake! Wow what a mess and a ordeal. It takes so much work to do a great cake like that! Good Job!

Jason and Heather said...

LOVE the cake!! And Elise's little tude, that's hilarious!

Arianne Pearce said...

You are so on top of it having this posted already! I LOVE the cake- it was worth the sacrifice! I didn't realize you did cakes like that. So fun. Love all the great pics.

Wandry Words said...

Nice job on the cake Christina!! I enjoy looking through all of your darling photos. Elise's hair is getting so long and it looks amazing. What a fun birthday time--and I love your temple on canvas from your previous post!