Baby Party

My sweet sister-in-law and friend threw me a baby party to celebrate this third baby. They took me to Maggiano's (which coincidentally was my first date with Jared) for a girl's night out with my family and best girlfriends. It was a perfect evening and they sure did spoil me. I think I am ready for another girl's night out... And it got me so excited to meet this sweet, tiny boy and dress him in all the cute clothes.

Check out all the goodies:
I am embarrassed to be so spoiled for my third baby, but it sure was awesome!

With my mom - she made a special blanket for baby boy.
Such a wonderful surprise

With Carrie, Pam & Amy

With my girlies from high school
Brooke, Erica & Kathy

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Jason and Heather said...

Yay for Baby Boy loves!