36 weeks (late)

Third baby already getting less attention... I couldn't get my act together (aka showering and drying my hair) to take my 36 weeks pics so these are almost a week late. And my hair still wasn't washed--haha. Can you tell I am EXHAUSTED? This has been a long pregnancy and emotionally draining. Glad to be meeting my little guy soon!

I have been so worried about the health of this baby and myself the entire time. Now that I know he is okay and still growing well in my belly, it has hit me that I am going to be a mother of THREE! I am panicking a little bit and wondering how I am going to do it. I can barely handle the two I have. Whew! Wish me luck.

Strangest thing is that I had Elise at 37 weeks and Grey at 38--so this baby could be here pretty soon.

I am almost embarrassed posting the size of my belly. I didn't realize how massive it has gotten. I am counting down until I can get back to the gym. I hate that I haven't been able to work out most of this pregnancy.

And my pregnancy series:
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Jennifer said...

Christina, you look amazing... as usual! I can't wait to meet your new little one! I feel like I am missing out all the way down here!
Miss you!

Wandry Words said...

Cutest belly EVER!! I can't wait to meet this little guy--and steal G and E for a day or two. :)